May 2023 Student Newsletter

Are You Enjoying the School?
Russell Haffner

Thank you for trying the WVBS Online Bible School, and thank you for examining the resources we offer. I am convinced that you will be blessed by the lessons we provide. Our desire is your spiritual growth. If we may be of service to you as you seek to learn God's word please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our goal is to stay true to what the Bible teaches and we dedicate ourselves to teaching only those things that can be proven to be accurate from the Scriptures. I encourage you to always carefully consider God's word and see what it teaches for yourself. Please do not put your trust in our words or the words of any man. Men can be wrong, but the Bible is always right.

The WVBS Online Bible School is very happy to present these courses. We do this because we are convinced that there is much error being taught in the religious world and we want to preach the truth of God's word without the additions of human doctrines. It is not that we feel we have a corner on truth -- we hold that the Bible is the only corner on truth -- we are just interested in seeing that others have the opportunity to hear the truth minus the theories of men.

The "Mark Complete" Button

If you have already watched several lessons you may have noticed the “Mark Complete” button located below each video. This feature helps you to track your progress as you view the videos. We encourage you to always click this button when you finish viewing a lesson. The marking of lessons serves as a guide for your own information to mark your place in the study. Even if the lesson is marked complete you can return to watch it again as many times as you want.

For additional information please see the Help Center at the school website. In the Help Center you will find an article which will walk you through the necessary steps to track your progress by marking each lesson complete. It is titled: How-to: "Mark Complete" Lessons.