Bible Land Passages: Connections

Connections: Balustrade Inscription | What Was the Temple’s Wall of Separation?

Synopsis: Dividing walls have existed throughout history, but did a wall of separation exist at the Temple of the Jews? In 1871, and again in 1939, important discoveries were made which confirmed what the Bible describes as a middle wall of hostility. What and where was this wall, and why did it exist? Join with us as we explore the ancient past to learn about the attempted murder of archaeologist John Iliffe, the balustrade inscription, and the connections between faith and fact found within the walls of the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Connections: Megiddo | What Does Archaeology Reveal about Armageddon?

Synopsis: Over the past 4000 years some 34 bloody conflicts have occurred near the city of Megiddo, and along the fertile fields of the Jezreel Valley. Great kings and leaders in the Bible, and even the 18th century Napoleon Bonaparte all saw Megiddo as an important military objective. But why? What was discovered among the archaeological remains of Megiddo, and what does its location reveal that will help us to answer this question. And, what does this evidence tell us about the book of Revelation, the battle of Armageddon, and the reliability of the Bible?

Connections: Chorazin | Why Did Jesus Condemn Chorazin?

Synopsis: What does the seat of Moses, a synagogue, an olive press, and a Medusa have to do with Jesus? Join with us as we journey back in time to discover the answer, and to understand why Jesus denounced a city where many miracles and mighty works were done.

Connections: The Heartland of Israel | Israel: Dry Desert, or Milk and Honey?

Synopsis: The land of Israel has numerous places which are dry and inhospitable. So why then does the Bible describe it as “a land flowing with milk and honey”? In a visually powerful and compelling video about the diverse and fascinating terrain and climate of the land of Israel, Bible Land Passages seeks to answer this question. Enrich your appreciation for scripture as you examine for yourself the beautiful landscapes and the abundant fruits that are grown in this agriculturally rich environment. Travel along with the Bible Land Passage film crew as they capture the essence of the major geographic regions of Israel.

Connections: Beersheba | Why Did Abraham Plant Trees and Dig Wells in Beersheba?

Synopsis: On numerous occasions Abraham sojourned in the semi-arid climate of the Negev Basin near Beersheba. Though living the life of a nomad in this often-inhospitable environment, Abraham nevertheless took the time to build altars, dig wells, and plant a tamarisk tree. But why? What was Abraham trying to achieve by planting a tree that he would never see grow to maturity? Travel with us as we answer these questions, and as we explore the connection between fact and faith in the land of the Bible.

Connections: Mt. Carmel | What Can You See from Mount Carmel?

Synopsis: "What Can You See from Mount Carmel?" is a visually powerful and exciting video that examines the geographic setting and historical basis of the famous duel between Elijah and the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18). Witness the beauty of the Jezreel Valley, the grandeur of Mount Carmel, and important archeological discoveries about the religious practices associated with the Canaanite deity called Baal. An examination of this brief video will heighten your understanding of scripture, give you a greater appreciation for the faith of Elijah, and encourage you in your own walk of faith.