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"I really want to understand and practice my Bible. Thank You greatly for this unbelievable opportunity you have provided us. God Bless You all!" (Ethiopia)

"Thank you for an excellent course on Genesis. I enjoyed it so much and my knowledge and understanding of the book has increased tremendously. I am a non-paid gospel preacher in South Africa and am enrolled with you as a formal student. I am looking forward to the completion of the rest of the courses. Thank you and God bless you all." (South Africa)

"I wish to thank God and thank you for enabling me to gain such a tremendous knowledge of the book of Genesis. I will soon embark on the final exam by God's grace. Thank you again and God bless." (Nigeria)

"Chuck Horner makes the classes so fascinating and very stimulating with practical life examples for our present day. It is an awesome privilege to be learning the Bible through the WVBS Online Bible School. I pray God continues to empower you and all the faculty members with more grace in this wonderful service to His church and humanity." (Nigeria)

"I found the Genesis course very interesting, the videos lessons are simple and very effective and the notes are very helpful. I have referred this course to other people. I look forward to the next course." (Zambia)

"I would like to thank you guys for the opportunity that you give us to be able to study God's word." (South Africa)

"I would like to thank you personally for this school which is offering first class Bible lessons for free. I am much in love with this school for having good instructors. May God continue blessing you into eternity. The future looks a bit brighter but it's not yet there. I feel like something is missing in me when I am not taking these lessons. I will always be grateful to the Lord for you. God bless you." (Malawi)

"I appreciate your encouragement. I know that I have taken a new step and lighting my life, because Jesus is the light, so this course will light my future. I thank God for this." (Democratic Republic of Congo)

"So far, my lessons have been a delight and I am looking forward to discovering what lies ahead. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to discover Jesus again for myself. God bless the institution for what you are doing." (Kenya)

"I am so happy to be a part of this school. It has helped me a lot learning new things in the Bible and understanding some doubts that I had when I was reading the Bible. May God bless the school." (Uganda)

"The course was very interesting, life shaping and I personally was greatly helped in many different areas of life. First and second Peter are very practical, touching everyday life if well adhered to. Our instructor Mr. Chuck Horner, is well organized and his explanations are precise and concise, making it easy to understand. Thanks so much, may God bless you all." (United Arab Emirates)

"The program has been so inspiring and educative." (Nigeria)

"I am beyond grateful and blessed to have come across the WVBS Online Bible School. It is such a great platform and experience to study the word of God. The process has been smooth and easily accessible. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity to study God’s Word from anywhere in the world, I appreciate it." (Nigeria)

"I really enjoyed the course (Old Testament History - 1). It was a great experience. I am looking forward to the next course. Thanks, and God bless you for seeing it worth enriching us with the word." (Kenya)

"The studies are very good and encouraging. It's really an in-depth study of the Bible. God's favor be upon you and your entire teaching fraternity. Few challenges have I encountered that can bar me from seeking the knowledge of the Truth. Thanks a lot." (Kenya)

"I enjoy and appreciate the work of the WVBS Online Bible School. I tell all who ask me how great the studies and courses are. Thanks again." (Kenya)

"I have read the book of Ecclesiastes before but now I understand the book. What a great lesson!" (Nigeria)

"Thank you very much, the course is so helpful. I have also referred one candidate to you and assisted him in registering. Thank you very much. God bless you for helping so many to have knowledge of the Bible." (Kenya)

"I really enjoy the courses. There were times the Bible seemed like thousands of puzzle pieces, but this teaching is easy to follow and put into a unit. Thanks a million for making these courses available." (South Africa)

"I enjoyed the Exodus course very much. The information helped me to understand the difference between the old and new covenant. I always heard comments that the Old Testament was for Israel, but I never understood what the church is supposed to do with it. I really learned a lot and I also learned more about God's attitude towards sin. It was very, very well structured. Thank you very much."" (South Africa)

"Thank you for a wonderful course in the book of Matthew. It was amazing and really brought a great introspective of the book of Matthew and its importance. It brought me closer to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thank you indeed. You are doing a great job in winning Souls for Christ." (Botswana)

"Thank you. I absolutely love the Old Testament History 1 course! Be blessed." (South Africa)

"Thank you, sir! It’s been a real pleasure to learn from the WVBS Online Bible School. The Instructor is not only a good man of God or a good man of the Bible, but also a good teacher. He really knows how to teach. I am really enjoying the Pentateuch Study. It helped me to know lots of things I didn’t know before and arrange those knowledges scattered everywhere in my mind. I look forward to more studies." (Ethiopia)

"I really appreciate your impact in making us understand God's word. These courses are revealing the mystery of God's word to us. I enjoyed studying Old Testament History-3 very much and I'm encouraged to take all other courses to the end. Thank you very much for your effort of delivering the knowledge of God's word to all nations." (Botswana)

"Thank you so much for enlightening me. This course (Old Testament History One, Joshua-Judges-Ruth) is wonderful. I really enjoy studying with you. Thank you." (Botswana)

"Thank you all. I enjoyed the (Ephesians) course very much. The video presentations were excellent. I enjoyed every minute of it. Take care and God bless you all." (South Africa)

"Thank you Sir. I am really enjoying the entire program. The presentations and instructors are excellent. I am forever grateful that I enrolled in this Bible School. Thank you once again and God bless." (Kenya)

"I did not know how much I needed this course (Exodus). Now I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this kind of opportunity. Your teachings are much appreciated!" (South Africa)

"The (Genesis) course is well organized and the tutor explains with highly knowledge of the subject matter. The quizzes are great as well. Thank you." (Malawi)

"This (Hebrews) was a wonderful course that I enjoyed very much. Thank you all for the hard work that you do. Be blessed always." (South Africa)

"I would like to thank you for evaluating my course work. During my classes I really benefited and managed to learn the unanswered questions in my mind that disturbed me for decades. Today, I can stand and teach about Jesus with confidence. Thanks a lot for this great quality knowledge and continued spiritual support." (Kenya)

"I have learned a lot from Old Testament History 4 Course. The books are clearer than when you read on your own. At first I read the prophets without putting them into perspective. That alone made the book so complicated not knowing why and to whom the prophet was saying what was written. This study cleared the mist from my mind. I really absorbed what was taught." (South Africa)

"I have learnt a lot from the Book of Genesis and Exodus, what I don't know before. The way my instructor analyzes the passages with practical examples and illustrations makes it easier to understand and I am always looking forward to learn every day." (Nigeria)

"Talamahe WVBS Online Bible School has taught us biblical words of life. My life is transformed every day am learning of the programs." (Zambia)

"I really love the school. I play professional tennis full time but due to this whole Corona virus pandemic, the ATP tour has been suspended for 4 months so I felt this was a great opportunity to increase my knowledge of the Bible. I found the WVBS Online Bible School and it's exactly what I was looking for. My Goal is obviously to increase my knowledge and get closer to God but also to be able to pass on all my notes and understanding to people who I believe can become closer to the Lord." (Zimbabwe)

"I thank God – though not happy with the Covid-19 outbreak, I grab the stay indoor opportunity. I have been looking for opportunity to have time and enroll in a Bible school like yours. Considering the enormous spiritual benefits and the quality of your video Bible lessons I long to continue the study even when work resumes, after the lockdown. You make it easy to access your materials." (Nigeria)

"I write to you today to say how incredibly grateful I am for the Genesis Course. What a wonderful study of this great book you have provided to us. This has been truly eye opening for me! Thank you for the way you have faithfully taught us this book. I have learnt so much! Blessings in Christ" (South Africa)

"I am so glad to be a formal student of WVBS Online Bible School. I hope that I will never be the same after finishing my Bible studies at this wonderful school. Thank you." (Tanzania)

"God's providence is incredible. Really! In the most unlikely situations (COVID-19), God provides. In the most difficult of times, He is there to build us up, to keep us going and the lecture videos are nothing short of amazing! I am incredibly energized by these lessons." (South Africa)

"These courses have been helpful to me. I have learnt great lessons from the school. These have prepared me to be able to handle certain topics really well. Thank you and God bless us all." (Ghana)

"This Genesis course has opened my mind on the God/man relationship. Indeed, God is a covenant keeping God. God bless you richly." (Ghana)

"Genesis was a great course and I enjoyed it so much. I also appreciate the way I learned and am looking forward to going on until I gain vast knowledge about the Word." (Zimbabwe)

"I would like to commend you on your brilliant coursework. I think the videos and overall quality of the material is wonderful. Thank you and God bless you." (South Africa)

"The courses are so rich and well explained. I have been blessed and really helped with teaching materials for the local church." (Zambia)

"I give my appreciation to the WVBS Online Bible School for providing a platform like this for us to learn and become good teachers. May God continue to bless you all." (Nigeria)

"I am thankful to God and this organization for this beautiful opportunity to know more of God and the Bible. I appreciate your efforts to bring men closer to God." (Ghana)

""Your courses are great, in-depth and well prepared. My intention is to know God more and share His good news with everybody that I may come across. I enrolled so that I may study the entire Word. I'm zealous to go out and teach others as I have been taught. Thanks once again and may God Almighty bless you all."" (South Africa)

"I just write to say a big thank you for the above mentioned course (James) and for my instructor in the course, Chuck Horner. I'm not even half way through the course but I've learned so much. God bless WVBS and all its members of staff." (Zambia)

"God bless you for the opportunity given to us to study His words." (Nigeria)

"I am writing this letter to you with a lot of delight. The WVBS Online Bible School is enabling me discover so many insights that I had not known before. The school has thorough teaching materials and excellent teaching methodology. Going through the curriculum of other Bible colleges including some universities, I find WVBS to be teaching superior content, in terms of quality and quantity. Thanks for offering me opportunity in your school." (Kenya)

"All I can say is thank you for the great job you are doing for my life. Ever since I joined this school I've learned a lot about God." (South Africa)

"The course (Exodus) is very good. I liked the Sabbath study very much. It is the most comprehensive study I've ever come across on the subject of Sabbath." (Zambia)

"I really thank God first for this wonderful course (Genesis) and secondly to the entire team who have come together to bring these lessons out to reach some of us who love to preach but don't know more. I really love my instructor (Chuck Horner), may God add more years to his age. This course has taught me more about the word of God and the Bible. I am eager to complete all the courses. I can see my knowledge being increased and rooted in the word and my faith increasing more than ever. May God continue to bless you for this wonder work you are doing. May you never lack anything." (Ghana)

"Thanks a lot for the feedback, and to God be all the Glory. Once again may the Lord Jesus bless you and all the WVBS Team for this great work. The course (Leviticus-Numbers-Deuteronomy) was really helpful and the instructor was really engaging and my five stars to him. Stay all blessed." (South Africa)

"Thank you for this great opportunity. Remain blessed." (Nigeria)

"The WVBS Online Bible School has the best Bible teaching materials!" (Kenya)

"I wish to extend my gratitude to the Director and Staff of the WVBS Online Bible School for the excellent knowledge they are giving us in the word of God. I appreciate them so much. I have already begun watching the videos on Exodus. May the Lord strengthen us." (Liberia)

"I really appreciate the information I received from the book of Genesis. I thought I knew and read the whole Bible before but this time around I discovered many things. I really loved this book of Genesis study." (Botswana)

"Thank you so much! I would like to let you know how grateful I am, for these courses. All of a sudden I cannot get enough of the word (even though I have always read my Bible), but now it is different. The lessons are straight forward and my understanding of the Bible has just grown so huge. So thank you so much. God bless you." (South Africa)

"Where there is a demand for pure teachings based on the Old and New Testament the WVBS Online Bible School is the best. I have learned a lot, especially in Genesis. May God continue using you in Christ's name." (Zambia)

"I have only the highest regard for this course (Exodus), the way it is presented and the WVBS Online Bible School. I believe that this ministry will go from strength to strength and that you and everyone involved with the school will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams." (South Africa)

"Thank you so much! It was really great studying the book of Genesis. And the instructor was a delight to listen to. May God Almighty continue to strengthen you." (Nigeria)

"I appreciate this platform for giving me the privilege to have real insight into the word of God. God bless the director and the entire staff of the WVBS Online Bible School." (Nigeria)

"I am really enjoying the teachings that I am getting. Professor Chuck Horner has a very simple way of opening the Word to make it easy to understand. Thank you for the massive amount of time and effort that must have gone into the preparation of these teachings. May the Lord bless the work of your hands and everyone involved in your ministry." (South Africa)

"I personally found it necessary to keep on studying the doctrine of God because His love constraints me. After checking out your studies I found that you say the truth without twisting the verses from the Bible." (Zimbabwe)

"I feel excited and privileged to be a part of this program. It will be of tremendous help in serving the Lord better." (Kenya)

"I am really enjoying the courses and learning many new insights as I go along." (South Africa)

"I am really enjoying the courses, and this is doing great improvement on my knowledge of God's word. May He continue using you. God Bless you abundantly." (Uganda)

"Thank you for the opportunity to be equipped for GOD's service through your ministry. I have seen a great shift in understanding of holy scriptures. Now I can easily see the whole basic root for most books in the New Testament. GOD bless your work." (Uganda)

"I thank God for allowing me to undergo this course, as it has always been my dream to do this." (South Africa)

"The course was indeed an in-depth study of the Book of Exodus, packed with modern-day applications for good Christian living. I am very grateful for this priceless opportunity to undertake this invaluable course. Remain blessed!" (Nigeria)

"I enjoyed studying Exodus. Thank you so much to the WVBS Online Bible School for opening my eyes and ears. You are turning a rough diamond into a fine jewel. I appreciate this opportunity. Thank you for the certificate." (South Africa)

"I am humbled to be one of those learning the word of God from the school. It has given me a chance to continue knowing who God is and what He expects us to be doing in this world. I thank all the staff of the school for their tiresome job. You are dedicated to making the world aware of the Creator of the universe. The course (Old Testament History - 1) is very awesome and it is building my spiritual life day after day. TO GOD BE THE GLORY." (Uganda)

"I enjoy studying at the WVBS Online Bible School. I am getting to understand and deeply love the word of God. May God bless WVBS and all the instructors, especially Professor Horner." (Liberia)

"This school is wonderful and the studies are very rich. I thank God for this school and I am sure the future is great for me in fulfilling my purpose." (Nigeria)

"Thank you for the opportunity to study with you and the in-depth explanation of God's word." (South Africa)

"Studying with the WVBS Online Bible School is a great advantage for me. My instructor is a great teacher. I'm always impressed with how he explains the scripture. He makes learning simple. I have also been watching the documentary on Bible Land Passages. God bless you all for your efforts." (Ghana)

"The Christian Evidences Course was a long wonderful study of faith and trust in the inspired word of God. I am so grateful." (Liberia)

"Praise the Living God. Thank you so much for offering me the opportunity to study online at the WVBS Online Bible School." (Uganda)

"Thank you so much. I am enjoying myself and learning a lot. Thank you for everything. I am 42 years old and never thought I could study anything, so I am working extra hard. Thank you again." (South Africa)

"I am particularly interested in Bible study as this will enable me to carry the GOSPEL effectively. I am committed to fulfill the Great commission that our Lord JESUS has given us. Indeed I want to increase my knowledge in Bible and how to minister efficiently." (Rwanda)

"I greet all the course tutors for their wonderful work that they are doing. May God bless them, and give them the strength to lecture us. My greetings to all the students may God gives us the wisdom and understanding of His words!" (Ghana)

"I want to thank you for this program. God Bless you." (Ethiopia)

"I like this Bible study very much." (Ghana)

"I am so grateful for this opportunity." (Nigeria)

"I want to study and know the word of God so that I can pass it on to others." (Ghana)

"I have been richly blessed by partaking in this class (Mark). Thank you for your labor of love towards humanity." (South Africa)

"I am very excited and grateful to God for this online Christ-FILLED School." (Ghana)

"I have attended a Bible college for three years, but I have liked your teachings because they are rich in biblical doctrinal foundation. May God bless you for this ministry which has impacted my life." (Tanzania)

"Thank you for this wonderful resource. I am currently a stay at home mom and am very keen to start this formal Bible study. It has been my desire for the longest time." (South Africa)

"I am really humbled to listen to your seasoned lecturers which are really preparing me for the great commission and upon my life for Nigeria, the world and my generation at-large." (Nigeria)

"Thank you for the opportunity to increase in knowledge for the expansion of the kingdom." (Ghana)

"May God bless you for all your efforts!" (Ethiopia)

"My spiritual life has been elevated by the Colossians Course. I cannot stop thanking you for this great privilege made available to someone like me." (South Africa)

"Thank you for offering me the opportunity to learn more about my Savior which I believe will enable me to be better equipped for the spiritual war that rages around me." (Nigeria)

"I'm grateful for what you all are doing. I have completed my first course the book of Genesis I started my second book I'm enjoying every moment of it. Thank you and your team. God bless you all." (South Africa)

"I am grateful to God that I found the WVBS Online Bible School." (Egypt)

"I am so happy to be finishing up the book of Genesis today. What a wealth of knowledge I can now take and teach from this course. Thank you!" (South Africa)

"I am and will always be grateful. I am impressed with my test results. I did enjoy the Exodus course. Great instructors and great teachings." (Liberia)

"Because of financial constraints to get a chance to study was difficult. Be blessed for giving me a chance to study for free." (Kenya)

"I love to be part of your great school and I will stay alert to my studies in order to achieve a great result so I can be blessed by GOD. Bless you and thank you." (Ghana)

"Thank you WVBS Online Bible School team for your courses. It is a blessing to be able to study online. I really need to equip myself and your courses are very helpful. I know I still have a lot to learn so I will continue studying, I am so happy to be back." (South Africa)

"Because of financial constraints to get a chance to study was difficult. Be blessed for giving me a chance to study for free." (Kenya)

"I am now better equipped to refute any erroneous teachings. Thank you for this invaluable knowledge you have afforded me." (South Africa)

"I am pleased to be trained at this reputable institution. I hope to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. To populate the kingdom of God. Thank you for this great opportunity and may God Himself bless you abundantly. Amen." (Ghana)

"I enjoyed the (1st Corinthians) class so much that I wish it just continues without ending. Your systematic breakdown of each topic of discussion is highly appreciated. Veils were taken away from my eyes as I follow the class." (South Africa)

"I do appreciate the free courses, as I have a desire to learn more about the Bible and be able to explain it correctly." (Zimbabwe)

"I know that the WVBS Online Bible School will make me understand the Bible deeply and will inspire me to do God's will more than ever before." (Kenya)

"I am glad I found this program, which happens to be flexible to suit my busy schedule but organized enough to keep me motivated to continue. Despite the abundance of information online and offline, it is hard to find a free, online, program that is well put together. I look forward to the wonderful journey I long waited and prayed for." (Egypt)

"The WVBS Online Bible School is a good platform for me because I am currently in charge of a small congregation of 14 members and I need to ground myself in the word of God. This will make the work fruitful to Christ, members and me." (Kenya)

"I find your curriculum excellent and the lessons instructive. Thank you." (Nigeria)

"It is a real pleasure to learn from your institution. I salute all efforts made to build the kingdom of God by encouraging people to learn more about the Christian's life. I wish all the success to the school and my prayer for all lectures to tell only the truth with the word of God to all believers in Jesus Christ." (Nairobi)

"I want to tell you that my studies are going well. I am enjoying it a lot. Thank you." (Zambia)

"Thank you very much for the opportunity granted me to have an in-depth study of the Bible." (South Africa)

"Thank you for the privilege of studying with your school." (South Africa)

"Thanks for this opportunity, I am blessed to have such a site like this to learn from you. Thanks." (Ghana)

"This is my first time to be in contact with this school, but without any problem I am able to enroll as a student, it is free and flexible to all students who may wish to study the Bible online without difficulties. And I believe we will benefit and be equipped as students from the school materials that will help us to advance in knowledge." (Zambia)

"Your tuition free Bible courses is a blessing to many nations including mine." (Nigeria)

"I strongly believe that through this school my Bible knowledge will drastically improve." (Cameroon)

"I would like to understand the word of God." (Lesotho)

"Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing teaching people the Word of God." (South Africa)

"I believe the school will help me learn more and help me speak the word with power and evidences through Christ." (Ghana)

"Dear Mr Haffner and the WVBS Online Bible School team I just want to thank God and you for this Bible school. l have just finished the book of Genesis and l have learned a lot. Thank you very much. The school is such a blessing to me and l am really enjoying the teachings. And thank you very much for making this Bible school free it really helped me because l wanted to study the Word of God but l was not able to afford to go to college to do so. But l give thanks to God because through the school my prayers are answered l am now able to study the Word of God. Once again thank you." (South Africa)

"I am greatly benefiting from the wealth of knowledge I am deriving from each and every course offered by your institution." (South Africa)

"I love everything on this site and I want to learn about the word of God." (Uganda)


"The courses are very good and non-denominational as claimed. My heart goes out with thanks for all those behind it." (India)

"I am so obliged to have these lectures online, as they give us so much in-depth knowledge. I say this because while reading I was not getting much out of it, but when I saw and heard the lectures it was so interesting. Not only was it in-depth, it was also very informative. Thanks once again for everything." (India)

"Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. My spiritual life has been blessed abundantly by this course. I hope to pass on the blessing received to my fellow brothers and sisters. I sincerely pray that this good work will grow by the grace of Jesus. I also pray that Jesus blesses each and every one involved in this ministry." (India)

"Thank you for the detailed reply and teaching. I have seen my exam result. I am glad to know more about Philippians through the course, and will share the “joy" with more brethren!" (Singapore)

"I send greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I'm thankful to the school for giving such a wonderful training in the Bible. I like your materials and courses as well. I'm learning a lot from you and I'm studying the Bible too. I thank Chuck Horner for giving such understandable teachings. Praise to the Lord. We do remember you in our prayers for the wonderful work which you do." (India)

"It's a pleasure to study with the WVBS Online Bible School. The more lessons I take, the more I discover how wrongly I understood and conducted or treated others! This course is helping me to better understand the Scriptures. Thank you so much, may God bless you." (United Arab Emirates)

"Praise the Lord! It is my privilege to be a part of the WVBS Online Bible School. I am learning many new things from this school." (India)

"Really I am greatly blessed. The course is so helpful to know about the truths of the Bible. I have been investing most of my time in devoting the lessons and writing exams. They are greatly helpful. Great job! Thank you!" (India)

"I am thankful to be a formal student in the WVBS Online Bible School. Every course is very soul uplifting and helps me to see the Lord clearly and His plan for Salvation. The structure of every course is great and well equipped and in teaching the course everything is from the Lord. I'm in the Luke Course now!" (Philippines)

"The book of John is very interesting. I was so happy to learn the method brother Danny uses to explain John 3:16 as individual words. I will have to take time to complete this book because It leads me to prepare sermons and studies for the congregation that I preach. I really enjoy the lessons provided by the WVBS Online Bible School." (Sri Lanka)

"I have just finished the fifth lesson of Hermeneutics. I have to say that brother Lindell Mitchel is dynamite on this subject. I am really enjoying this. Grace be with you all." (Sri Lanka)

"The Genesis course taught me a lot and I'm glad I took it. I'm looking forward to learning more in the next courses." (China)

"Please accept my thanks in the Lord for accepting my enrollment in your school. It has been my long desire to study God's word in this manner. I was leisurely browsing the internet when I fortunately found your website. I am now telling and encouraging some young adult male members of our congregation to follow suit. They are interested to help in our teaching program. Rest assured that we will seriously take these studies at heart." (Philippines)

"Praise be to God Almighty. Thank you so much for giving me this great opportunity to live the word of God." (India)

"Greetings and appreciations to the entire team of the school for the tremendous blessing offered to us to learn the word of God. I have extra appreciation to instructor Charlie DiPalma for preparing and presenting the material of the book of Acts. His precise explanation made the book of Acts simple to understand. I enjoyed the study, thanks so much, God bless you all." (United Arab Emirates)

"I am learning so much. I am hoping to continue to the end of all the lessons. Brother Chuck Homer is a great instructor. Some of the points that he made in his lessons were like that he is speaking straight to me. Grace be with you all." (Sri Lanka)

"I think the courses at the WVBS Online Bible School are well structured as any student willing to put in the hard work required should be able to pass the courses. I also like how the online Bible school allows me to progress at my own pace (as my pace varies depending on how busy I am with work). I really appreciate the good work the team at WVBS is doing and hope to meet you someday!" (Singapore)

"I have been blessed and enjoyed the study. Instructor Horner is precise and concise in his presentation which makes the study easy to understand and enjoyable. Thank you so much, may God bless you all." (United Arab Emirates)

"This has certainly instilled a sense of discipline in me with regard to Bible study, and is enabling me to see things I didn't see before. Thank you for everything." (Thailand)

"This course helped me to read and understand the book of Exodus differently. This course helped me to read it deeply and increase my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much." (Jordan)

"It's awesome studying with the WVBS Online Bible School. The instructors are well prepared and the teaching materials are Bible based and presented in a simple way to be easily understood. I'm really enjoying the courses. May God bless you all." (United Arab Emirates)

"Thank you so much for the grade and comments. It is so exciting to receive a certificate. I was looking for online courses for Christian education and I found your school which was the very best fit for me. Everything is simple to understand, and well structured. I really enjoyed studying the book of Genesis. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to continuing my studying by committing a little of my time each day. I am growing and learning a lot. Praise God. Thank you for your ministry. God bless you, Warm regards." (Mongolia)

"I would like to thank you and your team for helping me to complete course. I thank my instructor Mr. Chuck Horner for helping me to understand in studying the book of Genesis. I have enjoyed this class and I am fully satisfied with your teaching, I have been trying to read the Bible for the last 3 years, but I was never able to even complete the first book because of my lack of understanding, but by God’s Grace you and your team have made it possible." (India)

"I'm very far from Bible colleges and I didn't have the money to study biblical and theological courses. Thank God I found the WVBS Online Bible School." (India)

"First of all, I thank God for giving me an opportunity to learn the Bible by myself. And I guess that I made the best use of my time, at age of seventy-six, learning God’s word at home. I am also expressing thanks to the director and staff of the school for my biblical study." (South Korea)

"I really appreciate the opportunity to learn through the WVBS Online Bible School. It is an excellent platform that I'll strongly recommend to anyone wishing to deepen their Bible knowledge. I greatly appreciate the hard work of the staff at WVBS too, keep up the good work!" (Singapore)

"The course (Ecclesiastes) was interesting and it was a revelation to me that everything becomes meaningful once God is factored in. Doctor Petrillo teaches very well." (India)

"In regard to the course, as far as the Genesis lesson is concerned in my view, it is very clear, well organized and very easy to follow the path. The video-lectures by Mr. Horner help me to understand the Bible verses and further amaze me with what our FATHER has been doing for all of us. From what I saw, the way Mr. Horner delivers the lesson he is not only sharing his knowledge on the topic, but also expressing his close relationship with GOD to whom he relies on. To GOD be the Glory." (Singapore)

"Thank you so very much. This course (Exodus) is absolutely engaging for me and I feel so lucky to have found you all. Kindest regards." (Cyprus)

"Awesome, thank you so much!" (United Arab Emirates)

"I shall surely share this great opportunity with others. You are doing a fantastic service for His kingdom, May the good Lord shower you with His riches blessings." (Qatar)

"My sincere thanks to the WVBS Online Bible School team for their extraordinary vision and the high quality of study material. My spiritual life has been truly blessed by this study. I pray more people to get benefited by this study. May God bless the school abundantly and may His grace strengthen them and guide them in their mission. My special thanks to Mr. Chuck Horner for his conviction and sincerity in presenting the God's word as it is. He is truly a blessing to a lot of people like me." (India)

"It is a great privilege to be a part of the WVBS Online Bible School. Above all, the spiritual growth which I feel has matchless effect on me and also to my family. The school and the teaching and the sense of belonging which it gives you is really remarkable. As a child of God I learned a lot from the team." (Pakistan)

"Wow! Glory to God! I had long sought for a chance to learn, finally the WVBS Online Bible School made it possible. The course (Exodus) was interesting and I am eager to continue with the next study in the book of Leviticus. May God bless you all. Thanks." (United Arab Emirates)

"I am really thankful for what you have done for me. I am glad I got a good opportunity to start to gain good knowledge of the Bible. Frankly speaking I hardly read the Bible before. But after joining this Bible training course within two days I could finish four chapters from Genesis." (India)

"Thank you for the great effort and work that you put on planning, designing and moderating the school. I've found the videos very interesting, rich and inspiring. The material is really explained deeply and comprehensively. Thank you again." (Israel)

"Thank you very much for being such a valuable source of learning for me. Thank you for making this course (Leviticus-Numbers-Deuteronomy) so comprehensive and a great spiritual experience as I study His word under your guidance." (India)

"Thank you for providing me with a great opportunity to learn about God and the profound lessons in the Bible. I think it is a gift from God that I found your courses because God provided the lessons free of charge. I was looking to do a high level education in Bible studies and finally found it with the blessing of God. The lessons are so helpful and easy to understand (the methodology and language). Thank you so much and God bless you and your services more and more." (Sri Lanka)

"I would like to thank all the teachers who took the time to make the videos, to do research, the team who works to answer questions and to give grades. I have learned so much in a few sessions! I do appreciate all this material which we do not have in Tamil which can help me to grow in knowledge! May you continue to help other individuals and congregations everywhere! God bless you all." (India)

"I have a desire to gain knowledge of God's way through kind supervision." (Pakistan)

"I just started the course on Genesis. I'm only on lesson 2 but I have already acquired a lot of knowledge and I understand the scriptures better. I'm so excited for the following lessons. I know I will be better equipped for my ministry in our church because of your helpful website. I praise God for your works and may the Lord continue to bless and use you mightily! Glory to God!" (Philippines)

"Thanks for making this possible. I have been with WVBS a long time but to see this online school adds another flavor in my hunt for Bible Study. What can be a greater joy for me than to find the WVBS Online Bible School? Thank you very much." (India)

"Thank you for opening and teaching the Bible online and for the opportunity in accepting me as a student." (Philippines)

"I want to first thank you for making this school free online. I do hope that many benefit from it and gain a deeper understanding with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." (Thailand)

"It is so nice to keep in touch always with the Bible. The main reason for my involvement here is to develop in Christ likeness. I hope God really blesses this wonderful mission of the WVBS Online Bible School and the team who glorify God's word." (India)

"The WVBS Online Bible School is one of the best tuition-free institutions ever established by the American Christians and gives a privilege for other Christians all over the world to take the Word of God seriously with their powerful video-based platform presentation of the Gospel and everything strictly based on what the Bible teaches not intending to mislead anyone." (Philippines)

"The videos are more than educational, they are truly inspiring in a subtle and discreet way. The notes are great, really clear and well organized. What a privilege to have this available through your devoted WVBS organization. God bless you all. Love and prayers." (Israel)

"Thank you for helping me to understand God's Word in depth and its relevance in my day to day life. Thanks for the video lessons of Mr. Chuck Horner. They are so helpful and so comprehensive. He is a great teacher! My spiritual life has reached a new level because of the WVBS Online Bible School." (India)

"Thanks for this opportunity. May God continue to bless your ministry. More power to all the people involved. Thank you again." (Philippines)

"I am joining these online classes just to enhance my biblical knowledge and to increase in spirituality. I am privileged to join this online biblical college." (India)

"I'm looking forward to learning more with a systematic study of the Bible." (Qatar)

"Your website is full of information." (Philippines)

"This is one of the Great privileges to study word of God through WVBS. I hope to teach this course in my church also." (Bahrain)

"I have been enjoying the lessons of WVBS, which I have taken. I have small church and also I have been conducting Bible classes in my church. Here the students also enjoying a lot with these Bible education. Recently one brother called me as a guest speaker for the youth meeting to speak on "Life Giving Fruits." In that speech I used many words from these lessons and everybody tasted the real taste of the word of GOD. Thank you." (India)

"I consider this opportunity to learn more about the Bible as a privilege. The non-denominational and in-depth study really shows us how to view the Word of God from God's viewpoint. May God bless all the people who are working behind this great opportunity to study the Word of God properly." (Republic of Georgia)

"I give thanks that there is a Bible School like this." (Philippines)

"Right now I am working as a Soft skills trainer and even preaching in our congregation...I need Bible course material for my Church sake. I want my Church people to gain more knowledge about Bible. Your material is going to help us to improve our knowledge more and it is useful for us to grow spiritually." (India)

"Thank you for WVBS to allowing me to watch and learning the truth through videos on online. As I am a preacher I will teach others. You are doing well in spreading the WORD OF GOD." (India)

"Praise God for your wonderful deed and blessed by this mission through spreading and strengthening the people throughout the world." (India)

"Thanks brethren for admission into the school. I hope I can do better and grow spiritually in God and preach His word." (India)

Australia and Oceania

"I enjoyed your class (Luke). It was awesome to experience something new. Thank you for being an awesome and patient teacher. You are very well appreciated." (New Zealand)

"I really enjoyed the course (Genesis), and I love how it focused on the Bible. I do believe it helped me to learn scripture in context. I have started on Exodus." (Australia)

"To God be the glory! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this outstanding program. It is truly Spirit filled and both my husband and I enjoy listening to the videos. There were so many insights shared by Chuck Horner that opened our eyes to see the providence of God's hand in everything. We have been using your material to share to our young people in our Sunday school. They especially loved the Noah's Ark info. May God continue to bless your staff and your ministry." (American Samoa)

"I need to find out for myself the rkeneal meaning of God's words, because what I watch on television doesn't quite gel with what I read in the Bible. I am mostly enrolling for the benefit of my own soul. I am quite concerned about being 'led down the garden path' (so to speak), by charlatans and false prophets which seem to be aplenty." (Australia)

"It is a privilege to study with the WVBS Online Bible School. The course on Romans is awe inspiring and fills one with gratitude for all that is available for us. Thank you once again for these studies." (Australia)

"Thank you so much for sending me everything regarding my course. I really, really, appreciate the work you are doing and the opportunity you have provided for me and everyone else who are doing these courses. It has been a pleasure to do this course (Genesis) with you and I'm really looking forward to study the other courses. Thank you again." (Australia)

"How wonderful this free Bible course is for me! You have done God's work greatly. God bless your team as always. I just pray for this school. I love the amazing videos." (New Zealand)

"I love the course (Acts). It is dear to me. I am learning a lot from it, and I am putting what I learn into practice." (Australia)

"Thanks for your encouragement, much appreciated. I enjoy and love the course (Luke). It has been a blessing to me. May God reward your good work." (Australia)

"Thanks for your encouragement and support. I really enjoy the courses, because I am learning a lot in both in biblical knowledge and interpersonal relationships." (Australia)

"I am not only learning and enjoying the classes a lot, but also learning how to communicate with others. You have set a good example for me to model upon. May God reward your good work." (Australia)

"I cannot thank you enough for this." (Australia)

"I can’t thank whoever put this school together enough. You are a Godsend, and I will tell everyone I know about it. The materials are as good as anything I have ever seen at Bible colleges and universities, and I am an ex-student of both types of institutions. I feel truly blessed as I am sure many are when they find your school. My most heartfelt thanks and regards to you all." (Australia)

"Thank you so much! I am really enjoying this course. I love it. I love learning about God and studying His word. Thanks to you and the team for helping me with this course. I am truly grateful." (New Zealand)

"I found the course (Genesis) very detailed and thought provoking. With the questions you asked in the exams and the essay it made me think ("chew on the word" as I like to say) which then expanded my knowledge. The videos were exceptionally clear and enabled me to match it to my notes and add my insights along the way." (Australia)

"I am excited and driven to complete these courses, so I can bring the word of God to those who really need it in Australia." (Australia)

"How wonderful it is learning the word of God. I feel very satisfied learning and reading the Bible. Thank you so much for offering this study of the Bible." (New Zealand)

"The WVBS Online Bible School has really renewed my enthusiasm to study and teach the Bible. The online information is all free to students. That is amazing because it is equivalent to a college program." (Australia)


"I enjoyed the course (Christian Evidences) so much. It has opened my eyes to so many things. I really thank you and the team because I never knew that the world was so far away from God until I started studying at the WVBS Online Bible School. However, the course was not as easy as I thought it would be, but still I enjoyed it. Please keep praying for us that we pass the good news to others." (England)

"I really appreciate the lessons you provide. I believe this study of the Bible will better prepare me to teach others the Bible more proficiently. I have just recently started training people in the Word of God and feel my non-biblical educational background may not be enough." (England)

"Thanks! I am enjoying these Bible studies. The lessons are clearly taught. But the best thing is that the message is 'let the word of God speak.' Not the opinions of men but only the Word of GOD. God bless you all." (Malta)

"The course (Genesis) was very informative and clearly taught. I have learned a lot. All of you are doing a great job. I look forward to continue my studying with you. My prayers for you all. Thank you from my heart." (Malta)

"As a student I now have a greater and deeper understanding of the book of Genesis. I am not saying it was easy, but my gratitude to the teacher and to God be the glory. I am looking forward in continuing studying with the school. Once again thank you." (England)

"These teaching materials are very worthy and precious from eternal perspective. I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to know WVBS and will surely tell my friends. Above all, I will give myself to study with great commitment for spiritual growth and also to share with others of this spiritual meal from the WVBS Online Bible School. To God be the glory for those who started this vision. I am grateful to God and then to the school. God bless you all." (Scotland)

"I continue to enjoy studying God’s Word and putting it in to practice and everyday living." (England)

"I really enjoyed the course, both the video lessons with our wonderful teacher, and the course notes. The best was the reading of the book of Exodus. May God bless you for the time and resources you use to make sure we get the required knowledge to build the kingdom of God." (Norway)

"I have really enjoyed studying Genesis and have got so much out of it that I did not know before. I have regularly walked back and forth to my place of work thinking about all the things that I have been reading/learning. Thank you to all who were involved in putting this material together. I'm looking forward to moving onto Exodus, and have already recommended the course to a friend who is interested." (England)

"I have been searching for a program like this for so long. I also had a look at the sample videos which I find very informative and engaging. I do believe at the end of this program I would definitely be equipped to have a strong foundation for ministry because of the solid knowledge of the Word of God I would have gained. I look forward very much to gaining this knowledge. Thank you." (Finland)

"I am very happy to be participating in this course (Genesis). The way it is conducted with reading and videos and even optional material is very effective for me. I am truly very impressed and didn't fully anticipate that the course would be of such high standards. I especially appreciated the speed with which the tests were returned. Many, many, thanks." (Cyprus)

"Thank yafou so much. Indeed the course (Genesis) was great. I enjoyed its depth. The analysis is really comprehensive and is precious. I am looking forward to starting Exodus. It is my prayer that your school will prosper and increase in power. You truly do God's work!" (Ukraine)

"I am taking this Informal course to enable me to have more scriptural knowledge and confidence that can enable me to evangelize the gospel in the area." (Ireland)

"I have enjoyed this course (Genesis) immensely and learned a lot from it. I particularly like the course notes which help my learning, and the test papers are very useful for revising. The fact that there isn't a time limit is good so the student can learn at their own pace without needing to rush because there are no deadlines. I also like the essay component, which increases learning by detailed study. I have now started on 'Matthew' and am finding this interesting. I find that however long a person has been a Christian there is always new truths to be discovered in the Bible and I'm looking forward to doing more courses in the future. Thank you for providing these excellent courses." (Wales)

"I am enjoying my courses so much. I did not know there were so many things in the Bible that I did not know. This course (Matthew) is really an eye opener to me. The eyes of my understanding have been enlightened. I can boldly say that I am seeing my spiritual life uplifted very high after finishing this course. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. Thank you." (England)

"It is wonderful! God bless you. I am so glad I found you." (Cyprus)

"Now I've finished my 1st book, Luke. I didn't know I knew that much from the Bible. But God helped me do this so I give him the glory then. I am so blessed!" (Sweden)

"So amazing! I was impressed by the quality of the website, and the dedication." (England)

"I am looking forward to reading and understanding the Bible. Thank you very much for this opportunity." (Germany)

"I would like to give extensive thanks to Chuck Horner for his passion during teaching and I am very grateful for these online courses which brought me back to my faith!" (England)

"I would like to thank all the teachers who took the time to make the videos, to do research, the team who works to answer questions and to give grades. I have learned so much in few sessions !! I do appreciate all of this material (we do not have in French) that can help us to grow in knowledge !! May you continue to help other individuals and congregations everywhere! God bless you all." (France)

"I wish to understand the Holy Bible in more detail and to learn how to study the Bible in more depth, for my own satisfaction and education." (England)

"This course is a treasure found. Thank you!" (France)

"I look forward to knowing the Lord very well. I have always had a desire to teach the word. So hopefully this will be a started point for me. I hope to faithfully teach the younger ones in my group to know the word." (England)

North America

"Thank you. I learned a lot from this course and I feel that I am in a better position, now, to teach others about God. Thanks for making the material available free of cost." (Bermuda)

"I love the newsletter and I am loving each study and I am going to keep on studying. I am learning a lot."(Georgia, USA)

"I just finished my first course in your Bible school program on the book of Genesis. I found the course to be very thorough, the instructor well versed, and most importantly the truth was presented. Thank you for this opportunity to study God’s word further to enrich my spiritual life. I am looking forward to upcoming courses."(North Carolina, USA)

"I did really enjoy the Matthew class. It was the deepest New Testament class I have ever received. The material provided for this class is so deep that it will serve as a huge help in my Christian walk forever. Denny Petrillo is such a wonderful professor. I cannot stop taking classes at the WVBS Online Bible School. I am gaining a huge knowledge for my Christian walk. Thank you. May God blesses you all." (Texas, USA)

"I am really enjoying the classes and I am learning so much. Thank you." (South Carolina, USA)

"Everything about the courses is great. Mr. Horner is an excellent instructor and the videos are not long and time consuming to view. I felt like I was sitting in an actual classroom. The tests and study guides were straight forward as well. Thank you for offering the WVBS Online Bible School and its benefits because I didn't have a way to attend Bible school. I really appreciate it. Thank you." (Delaware, USA)

"It has been so exciting and shocking to learn what is REALLY in the Bible and making my own mind up. Thank you for taking the time to make the videos and teaching the Bible. I really enjoy listening to you and am amazed at your knowledge." (Tennessee, USA)

"Brother Russell, I have finished the Colossians and I want to say that I really enjoyed your class and it was nice to finally hear your voice. As a man born blind I recognize people by their voice and like to attach a voice to a name. Your class has been my favorite so far, because of your clear and complete explanation of the text, your joyful sounding voice, and your ability to make people to be amazed at Christ, His work, and who He is." (Nevada, USA)

"Thank you! I'm learning so much with these classes, much more than I ever thought I would. Thanks once again for allowing me to take these courses." (California, USA)

"Since I have signed up I have enjoyed and learned so much. I am amazed at the depth of diagnosis and evaluation of the scriptures that I am learning. Having been in various locations, we don't always get this type of teaching due to time and ability."( Florida, USA)

"Thank you again for your great service it is helping me a lot to learn about Bible. Each session is explained very clearly. I am so grateful for my professor. May the Lord bless your ministry."(Canada)

"I love Chuck Horner! WOW, His classes are so exciting; he is so descriptive like telling the story of Jacob in the conquest of Jericho. One can close their eyes during the course and can imagine you are sitting front row while it's happening. I am so blessed to hear the word of God from Mr. Horner."( Texas, USA)

"I thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge from your School. I found it to be very interesting and it is helping me to grow spiritually. You are feeding me with the word of faith to be released through my mouth and I know God will reward you as I pray that whatsoever you touch shall prosper in Jesus name."(Maryland, USA)

"I am enjoying the classes. They are very in-depth and well done. I thank you so very much, this is a blessing."(Pennsylvania, USA)

"I have read Genesis many times, but doing this course has been a learning experience. Thank you so much for the great work you are all doing. May God continue to bless your efforts."(New York, USA)

""My study here with the WVBS Online Bible School through the book of Genesis had been very in depth, however easy to follow and most rewarding. I cannot wait to get started on the next course! Thank you!"(Georgia, USA)

"With all my open heart I am willing to study the word of God and follow His instructions. I thank God for giving me this opportunity, and I also thank God for the instructors spending their time to teach the truth and spread the good news to Christians around the world. My God bless you abundantly and keeps you in a good health!" (Arizona, USA)

"Thank you very much Mr. Haffner. I have benefitted greatly from the lessons I have been able to do so far and I know I will in the future as well." (Texas, USA)

"I really enjoyed the 2 Timothy class. I enjoyed the in-depth study of this verse-by-verse approach, and the good words that Mr. Charlie DiPalma had to add, along with his great connections to other passages in God's word. Thank you again for the great work and the great study!" (Virginia, USA)

"Thank you for the Genesis Bible Course. I truly enjoyed the challenge." (North Carolina, USA)

"This is great, thank you so much! I found the instructor (Dr. Denny Petrillo) very knowledgeable in the subject matter (Proverbs). I had had him in two previous courses. I am accustomed to his teaching. Keep up the good work!" (Canada)

"Everything from the classes and courses are very good. So far, I have no questions about anything. I'm not fast in going through the studies and besides I like to learn all I can about what God has done and what He wants me to do. May the Lord bless your work in teaching others." (Georgia, USA)

"Thank you, I am so happy that I have the opportunity to be able to learn at my own pace. This is a great institution, and you are doing a great job of giving everyone the opportunity to learn about the great God we serve. I am enjoying the studies very much; I just wish I could have known about the school earlier. Thank you, very much. May God continue to bless this institution." (Michigan, USA)

"I loved the study of James! I found the course very effective and applicable. Thank you, again." (Texas, USA)

"I truly enjoyed my studies, great instructors, courses were truly biblical. I will be telling others about the school. Thank you for allowing me to take the courses again they were awesome. Thank you." (Texas, USA)

"I like the flexibility, so with work from home and having a child doing school at home, I can only dedicate one Saturday a month until we go on break again. So, it helps me to engage my studies at my convenience without worry of failing the course." (Jamaica)

"I am very happy with all the course work. This is just amazing to have this school. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am very happy and ready to see where I will be when I complete all my courses." (Florida, USA)

"I would like to use this opportunity to express appreciation for the Genesis lessons. I have learnt a lot and continue to enjoy every session. Please express thanks to the team." (Jamaica)

"Awesome! Thanks so much. I learned a great deal on the book of Matthew. Denny Petrillo is a great instructor and a valuable asset. It is a pleasure taking my courses through you guys, where I can do it at my pace and as my schedule allows. Thank you for the great work you all are doing for the kingdom."(Kansas, USA)

"Thank you so much! I'm really enjoying my studies. I really enjoy Chuck Horner's teaching. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. God bless you in the wonderful work you do!" (Virginia, USA)

"Thank you so very much for this excellent Bible study courses. My life is enriched and my heart drawn closer to Almighty God as a result of these studies." (Alabama, USA)

"I really enjoyed this course on Genesis! Mr. Horner is great to listen to and he clearly explains the subject matter he is speaking about. It has brought the book of Genesis more alive for me than when I have studied it on my own. Thank you for a great course. I am now starting Exodus and looking forward to the material." (Massachusetts, USA)

"Thank you so much, I thoroughly enjoyed the study of Matthew. I'm always amazed at how much I learn when applying myself. My Dad told me over his years that the more I study, the more the Bible will open up to me. He was never wrong. Thank you again." (Tennessee, USA)

"I thoroughly enjoyed this study (James), and I look forward to my next course. I appreciated the format of the final exam so much. Thank you." (Texas, USA)

"Thank you. I enjoy my classes! Learning on such a detail level has helped me get closer to God and more confident in my Christian walk." (California, USA)

"I really, really enjoyed this (Christian Evidences) course!!! I learned a ton and I could feel my faith growing as the course progressed! The instructor did an amazing job! I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the WVBS Online Bible School program!!" (California, USA)

"Thank you so much! Sincerely, I'm very happy and enjoyed the Genesis class. Thank you so much and God keep giving you knowledge for helping people. For me, because of this course, I already have some knowledge about the Bible. I like to have knowledge in the word of God. Sincerely, you help me so much. I hope that one day I will see you face to face, if God like it. Thank you and God bless you so much." (Canada)

"I just wanted to say what an absolute blessing the Genesis course was. I learned so much and feel like I have a much clearer understanding of the plan of God. The teacher was wonderful and made the course easy to follow and made the book of Genesis come to life. Thank you so much." (Canada)

"I consider myself fortunate to have taken these classes (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon). I have a truly new insight to the books of poetry now! Dr. Petrillo has done an outstanding job with presenting the material as well!" (Virginia, USA)

"Thank you so much for this course (Old Testament History-1) and it is a true blessing to be able to continue my studies. I feel like I'm making slow progress but growing, even if slowly, is better than not! May the Lord continue to bless this work." (Texas, USA)

"I am really excited to start these courses! I have had a longing for some time to study the Bible more in depth, but could never find a program as structured as this to accomplish it. I think this is the answer to my prayers! Thank you!" (Kentucky, USA)

"Thank you once again for another great class, these are truly life-changing and spiritually uplifting for us all!" (Virginia, USA)

"I truly love these classes. Every time I listen, it seems I learn something new. Thank you so much for everything the school does to teach God's word." (Tennessee, USA)

"The Matthew course was long and intense, but I really, really enjoyed it. I liked how Mr. Petrillo broke it down verse by verse. Again, just like all the other courses I've taken so far. I really enjoyed it. It's exactly what I was looking for!! Thank you so very much!!" (California, USA)

"I enjoyed the Leviticus-Numbers-Deuteronomy Course. I learned so much and I am excited of what I will be leaning as I go forward. I completely value the WVBS Online Bible School for the Godly teaching and guidance it provides me and all who desire to grow closer to God and His word." (North Carolina, USA)

"I continue to be so grateful for the WVBS Online Bible School. Although I had read the Bible before, the instruction that Mr. Horner has provided has helped me a great deal in seeing things that I either had not seen before or that I am now viewing from a new perspective. Thank you and God bless you all." (Alabama, USA)

"I have really enjoyed every course so far. I have no trouble following the videos and notes they are incredibly helpful. I feel I have learned so much already. I am more than willing to do the work and have faith that God will be with me every step of the way." (West Virginia, USA)

To God be the glory! Thank you. I truly was blessed and am still being blessed by the ongoing courses. Thank you." (Canada)

"I love learning!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!!" (California, USA)

"I enjoy and appreciate the work of the WVBS Online Bible School. I tell all who ask me how great the studies and courses are. Thanks again." (Maryland, USA)

"The course was great. Dr. Petrillo has great knowledge of the book of Matthew!" (Alabama, USA)

"Thank you. It's a great course (Genesis). I plan on completing the entire Bible course curriculum. I am starting Exodus now. Your feedback is really appreciated." (Florida, USA)


"I am extremely impressed with the quality and clarity of the video presentations as well as the study aides. I am looking forward to an enjoyable educational experience. Thank you for this opportunity." (California, USA)

"Thank you so much for this course on Proverbs which was truly one of the greatest courses I have studied and I will continue to build sermons from this book" (Texas, USA)

"The courses are outstanding. I have a PhD in World Religions and have been to 2 Bible colleges but still learned a lot from this course (Genesis) and it reinforced a lot of things for me. The videos and course notes are top notch material." (Alabama, USA)

"Thank you for helping me understand the Word and God more. I am looking forward to my next class. God bless and thank you again for offering these great classes. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me." (New York, USA)

"Thank you for your comments! I love the courses. I cannot think of anything I would change. I have learned so much that I anxiously wait for the next class. So far it is excellent and I recommend it to anyone who wants to look more deeply at what our Lord has done for us and who wants to learn the true meaning of obedience!" (Washington, USA)

"I love the courses so far. I'm really impressed with instructor Chuck Horner. I love his style of teaching and how much he gets into the study. I'm glad I started this program of study and every course brings me closer to understanding God’s word better." (Tennessee, USA)

"I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed this class (Leviticus-Numbers-Deuteronomy). I have learned things in there that have really brought me to a new place in life both spiritually and emotionally. While some things are tough to hear, as the truth often is, this class and the teaching style is such that if you are in the word and study there's no denying the truth of what is being taught. I just wanted thank you for that. It opened my eyes to a lot of things. Never before on my life has God been a bigger part then He is today and much thanks to this school. God-bless and have a beautiful day." (Georgia, USA)

"I love that I found the WVBS Online Bible School. It is a great study tool for studying the Bible and breaks it down in easy to understand lessons. I also liked the fact that you had to 'apply' to get in to be a formal student. That shows that you are really interested in the program and are willing to go through and work it. Excellent!!!" (Texas, USA)

"I would like to thank brother Chuck Horner for making Genesis and Exodus so exciting. I've learned a lot. Thanks again." (Tennessee, USA)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Leviticus-Numbers-Deuteronomy Course taught by brother Horner. The course material provided was outstanding. Although not a verse by verse study, the content of the course is detailed enough so that you are able to glean a vast amount of information and a working knowledge of all three books. It was a great idea to combine all three of these books into one course. I love the way brother Horner keeps you engaged in the lessons and the little side notes based on his own experiences. Thanks, and God bless all of those who make these online courses available." (California, USA)

"I want to compliment all involved on the WVBS Online Bible School. I have found it inspirational as well as informational. I wanted to study the Bible from beginning to end with a tutor at home and this school has been great. Thank you for your passionate and inspirational teachings." (Missouri, USA)

"I really enjoyed this class. It was my first in depth look at the Psalms and looking at the different type of Psalms. I am going through a difficult time and really enjoyed writing the term paper on the Psalms especially the trust Psalms. Thanks for the class." (Nevada, USA)

"I thank you for your work of teaching us the real gospel. As a son of God, I desire to know His words and help people to know Him. That’s why I’m always looking for good books written by people who are working for God, not for making money." (Canada)

"I just want to say that the school has some of the best teachers (instructors) I have come across. I am really enjoying the classes. I have learned a lot and hope to help teach others. Thank You for all that you teach." (California, USA)

"WOW! To God be the glory. I truly enjoyed the time spent in the Genesis Course. The video presentation by Mr. Horner was awesome! I am so happy I decided to join the WVBS Online Bible School. Thanks to your school for offering such courses all for free. God Bless you all." (Bahamas)

"I really enjoyed this course!! Genesis wasn’t one of my favorite books to read but after this course I never really knew how important it was! I enjoyed every lesson!! The book of Genesis was new and refreshing to me studying it this way!!! I think the course was perfect. I wouldn’t change anything about it. I am looking forward to starting Exodus next." (Ohio, USA)

"I LOVE taking these classes. My 70 year old mother follows along with me. We enjoy studying and learning more about the Bible and our Lord. We usually start our day by completing at least one video lesson. I appreciate the fast response to my questions and emails. I just thank God for you, your classes and this opportunity." (Kentucky, USA)

"Taking these classes has been one of the best time investments I have ever made. As I had fallen in love with the scriptures many years ago, I set a goal to read the Bible at least once a year, sometimes more as I am an avid reader. I am an inspirational writer and your teachings have influenced and helped me tremendously. I thank the school for this opportunity to study the unadulterated word. At times there are questions, therefore I appreciate the information and that I can ask these questions. Again thank you!" (Michigan, USA)

"This course (Hebrews) is well organized and very challenging. The professor knows the material. He helped me to master this course and I feel that I am now able to teach it to others. Thanks to the WVBS Online Bible School. Your reward will be very great in heaven." (Massachusetts, USA)

"I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the class, Chuck Horner and the WVBS Online Bible School. I have been encouraging several friends and family members to begin taking classes. The structure of this school has kept me studying more like God would have me to. Without the structure, it is easy to get out of a rhythm and put my studies and reading behind some things that it ought not to be behind. Thanks for all that you do and I hope I can pay my appreciation forward one day." (Texas, USA)

"I wanted to say 'Thank you!' I've acquired so much knowledge along the journey thus far. It's truly enjoyable and rewarding!" (California, USA)

"I have to say that I really enjoyed the Exodus course. It was well done, and presented in an excellent manner. I love the sound materials from the WVBS Online Bible School and I look forward to my continued journey through the school. God bless all of you." (New York, USA)

"Thank you for allowing people all over the world to better understand the Word without having to pay for it! May God bless you and prosper you in everything that you do!" (Pennsylvania, USA)

"I just finished the course on Genesis and want to thank you for the great lectures and exams. The more I learn about the Bible the more I want to learn. It is all about God and nothing could be more satisfying. I like the format of the lectures and study guides and being able to study at my own pace. I have noticed it is a little harder to memorize facts than it was 40 years ago (lol). Thanks for a great program!" (New York, USA)

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course (Exodus). I learned more than expected. Thank you, Mr. Horner for teaching from the Bible." (West Virginia, USA)

"I am only one lesson into the Hermeneutics Course and I already love both the teacher and the lessons. There is so much meat here!!!" (Alabama, USA)

"I can't believe it. I'm 57 years old and I am a Bible student! I love it! Mr. Horner is my teacher and mentor. He's making me hungry for heaven, and helping me to be stronger in faith through his teachings of God's word. I am beginning Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy tonight, and can't wait to dig in! Thank you dear Lord for this course! You are indeed SO GOOD!" (Indiana, USA)

"I really enjoyed this course (Matthew). The study guide was very helpful and I learned many new things I did not know. Thanks a lot for a very good course." (Arkansas, USA)

"The instruction in these courses is amazing. They give a wide view but a clear view in the lessons. Thank you for letting me to be a part of this school." (Texas, USA)

"This course (Genesis) is absolutely awesome! I love the Bible even more now. Mr. Horner, is a very knowledgeable, caring professor. I'm starting my first lesson on Exodus after work tonight and I can't wait! Thank God for schools like this!" (Indiana, USA)

"The course on Acts was great, So far all the instructors and classes have been great, and has increased my knowledge a lot. I would like to thank all the instructors for doing such great work." (California, USA)

"I must say I have looked forward to each lesson and have learned a great deal. Although, I am a fervent bible reader these classes have given me a greater desire to study more." (Michigan, USA)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Horner's class on Genesis. His insight really presented the book in a way that I've never experienced before. I've read Genesis several times, but never with this level of clarity. It was a great class and I can't wait to get into Exodus next! Thank you for offering these courses for free, it is truly a gift!" (Virginia, USA)

"This was a very enjoyable study (Proverbs). I loved all the reading and study involved. I learned some important things about how to read a proverb wisely." (Canada)

"Thank you for allowing me to study at my own pace. It makes it better to continue my work as a minister, and to keep up with my day job. God bless you all at the WVBS Online Bible School. I look forward to my future studies." (Indiana, USA)

"Before this study I didn’t know who Jeremiah really was. I had read the book a few times, but was not able to pick up on the valuable lessons that are here." (Kentucky, USA)

"I have been a Christian for over 40 years. These are the best lessons I have ever run across. I want my whole group to go through the Bible with us in a home Bible study for young Christians." (Georgia, USA)

"I love the classes! I can't wait to get home to start my lessons. I have learned so much through the WVBS Online Bible School. I get so involved in it that it is way past my bedtime. I even read and study on it while sitting at the Doctor's office or on my lunch breaks. Thank you to all the ones who work at the school!" (Tennessee, USA)

"I very much enjoyed the Genesis course it was very informative. I am looking forward to the completion of the Exodus course. I firmly believe these courses can and will improve the lives of many. If you enjoy talking about the word of God, then these classes will allow you to speak to others in a manner that all can understand. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your school. I look forward to completing all 45 courses. Once again thank you." (California, USA)

"Thank you for a wonderful course of study from the book of Matthew. The course was a blessing to me and I have learned so much. The instructor (Denny Petrillo) was well prepared and has great knowledge in the course of study. The course was well taught. I am looking forward to starting the next course. Keep up the good work for the kingdom of God. Thank you, WVBS Online Bible School." (Canada)

"The school is really amazing. Everything is top quality. I wish I had more time to take better advantage of all the teaching and resources available." (Florida, USA)

"The teaching you are offering for free is such a blessing for struggling students like me, to learn more about our Lord and Savior. God bless you all." (Iowa, USA)

"I am so happy that I have the opportunity to be able to learn at my own pace. I have been seeking out a learning platform for a very long time. This is a gift from God and I am blessed to be a part of this school as I learn more about God's word. Thank you to the WVBS Online Bible School." (Illinois, USA)

"Thank you for the excellent lesson material on Ecclesiastes. The class was as usual very good! I am thankful to be able to have the Course Notes to refer back to as necessary. Thank you for all the time you invest in students, it is greatly appreciated." (Colorado, USA)

"It is always a blessing to learn about God's word. The WVBS Online Bible School is doing a wonderful job! Keep up the good work." (Georgia, USA)

"What a great course (Christian Evidences)! The work load was informative and vast. I learned a great deal from the class and look forward to the next course. Thank you and God Bless." (Canada)

"The Book of James has been very uplifting and challenging for me. His practical teaching has helped me identify places in my life that need attention. I feel better equipped and am eager to put into action all I have learned." (Canada)

"I have a major in Bible and minor in Koine Greek. The materials that I have looked at are miles beyond anything I saw in college or any I have read or studied since. I wish I could have enrolled in a curriculum like yours 60 years ago!" (Alabama, USA)

"I’ve learned a lot from this study (Exodus). I thought I knew a lot about Moses, but this study helped me look at it from a different angle. By doing this I’ve learned so much more. I have learned so much more from these courses than I thought I would. I believe it’s because of the way they are taught. I’m looking forward to the rest of them." (Tennessee, USA)

"This study on the book of Matthew was very inspiring for me. It cleared up questions I had and helped me to make decisions based on the teachings of Jesus. Being a disciple of Jesus is a big responsibility that we should take seriously, passionately and with a wholehearted devotion." (Canada)

"I am greatly excited to begin my study on the Gospel of Luke. This will be great because I always learn so much, and gain so much material from the courses. God bless you all." (Indiana, USA)

"Thank you for the words of encouragement. I’m nearly ready to write the exam. I’ve worked long and hard on this, and really enjoyed it. The instruction was incredible. I have learned so much." (Canada)

"I am studying the Christian Evidences Course. It is kind of hard, but the lessons are very interesting. There is so much information, good information." (California, USA)

"I have really enjoyed the Genesis class. I have been going thru the lessons several times to completely understand them. I think Chuck is a very good teacher. I have learned a lot from him." (North Carolina, USA)

"I am enjoying all the lessons! This was what I have been looking for an actual study of the books of the Bible. Right now I am in the book of Matthew I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the school." (California, USA)

"I was excited to find this opportunity to be able to study the scriptures in a more formal format." (Michigan, USA)

"I fully enjoyed the Exodus course, I learned so much and I couldn't have done it without the help from Mr. Horner. He is an outstanding teacher!!!!" (North Carolina, USA)

"I LOVE this school! I can't say enough about the quality of the materials they provide, the friendliness of the staff at all levels, and the amount of knowledge I've gained in the short time that I've been enrolled in the school. Even if you can't enroll as a Formal Student, I would encourage everyone who wants to learn more about the Bible to enroll in the school at some level. Happy learning!" (West Virginia, USA)

"Thank you! The course (Genesis) is great! I look forward to each day's lesson!" (California, USA)

"Thank you so much for the Bible studies that are so in depth and easy to understand. I have read my Bible on and off through the years and have questions, but I have never understood the biblical meaning of the scriptures that I had read. Thank you so very much and I pray that we will study together for a long, long, time." (Texas, USA)

"I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying viewing and studying the first series on Genesis. It is simply grand." (Canada)

"The Exodus course is wonderful! I suggest to other gospel preachers to take the course. Please keep up the great work." (North Carolina, USA)

"I am really enjoying this course (Old Testament History). It has helped me to dig deeper than I ever have before. Doing it at my own pace is also a benefit. Things are so much clearer to me. I have had some very good teachers over the past 17 years but this course seems to open the scriptures up in a different way. Things are falling into place better for me. I would like to thank all the instructors that did these videos. I think these courses are excellent for anyone wanting to learn the truth of scripture." (Canada)

"I have been away from the church for a while and I am trying to come back after falling away. I need these studies to strengthen my faith and to ensure I follow the way the Lord has established." (North Carolina, USA)

"I thank you for all the great lessons with profound information that pricks the heart. The instructor (Denny Petrillo) is great!" (Maryland, USA)

"I enjoy all the classes and feel they are helping me immensely. I thank you all, for this opportunity to study at an elevated level beyond what was possible for me." (Alabama, USA)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the study (Genesis). I learned so much that I never knew. I can't wait to see what God will show me in the other courses. Thank you for following God to teach others like me." (Mississippi, USA)

"The study in Ezra about restoration helped me focus more on my commitment and ministry. The course helped me become more focused in my service to God." (Oklahoma, USA)

"I love the WVBS Online Bible School. It is such a great school and has many wonderful teachers. I'm proud to be a student of our school." (Canada)

"I am thoroughly enjoying the study (Leviticus-Numbers-Deuteronomy). I'm into the second video and loving it!! I will say this is the first lesson I've printed the course notes and they are SO helpful!!! I'll print them from here on out. I told my husband about the WVBS Online Bible School and he signed up as an auditing student." (Alabama, USA)

"Dear Sir, I have truly enjoyed the teachings of the book of Genesis. I am eager to continue my studies with the school. I especially like the instructor. He puts himself into his teachings. As I am an avid Bible reader there are many important facts that I did not put to memory until I started studying these classes. Thank you for these classes." (Michigan, USA)

"The Genesis Course was excellent, and made so by an exemplary instructor (Mr. Chuck Horner). It's been a decade since I've been in school so this has been both challenging and elucidating. May God give me the strength to 'press on.'" (North Carolina, USA)

"I signed up at first to be an audit student, but I want to change so I can receive test and other assignments for my knowledge and understanding. I have been a member of the Lord's church since 1999, but I feel disappointed in myself because I feel I should have a better understanding and be further along in my growth in God's word. I am thankful for you offering these resources! God be praised!!" (Ohio, USA)

"I enjoy studying with the WVBS Online Bible School. It keeps me focused. I find the tests challenging and helpful in learning the material. What I like the most is the reading of scriptures, helps me maintain a reading schedule of God's word. I listen to the videos more than once. I enjoy the instructors. My wife is learning right along with me. Thanks so much for the wonderful material." (Oklahoma, USA)

"I appreciate this opportunity to learn and the lessons are great!" (North Carolina, USA)

"I just completed the book of Genesis. For so many years I have been a Christian, but after taking Genesis, I truly understand the plan of salvation clearer than before. I have started other Bible colleges and just quit because most of what they were teaching was based on their own knowledge, not the knowledge of God! I thank God for WVBS, it is all BIBLE!" (Maryland, USA)

"Thank you so much for helping me. Your teachings are crystal clear and have pressed me to start a Bible study for my family, which previously had no interest in learning about God's word. Glory to God! Since I have started the Bible study (3 weeks ago) the attendance has almost quadrupled and so many of them are coming to Christ and eager to learn more about Him. They won't let me skip a week. Thanks again." (Illinois, USA)

"The course of Daniel was a well delivered study by Chuck Horner. I enjoy listening to the lessons he has put together. He stays focused and I feel like I haven't heard the study over and over. I would like to thank him for his work and dedication to the school and to the Lord. The school can be challenging on its exams, but no complaints because that makes me study even more (2 Timothy 2:15). I praise God for you and for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ who work for the Lord at the WVBS Online Bible School. You reach out to thousands of people who generally wouldn't be able to get to hear the gospel in its true form. There are many deceivers in the world claiming to be of God but are far from it. I'm thankful for the opportunity WVBS gives to all these people to hear the Bible in the context in which it should be delivered. May God bless you Russell and to all at WVBS." (Tennessee, USA)

"Dear Mr. Haffner, I just want to thank you for all you do with the WVBS Online Bible School. I so appreciate your comments. They really help to keep me motivated! Thank you! God bless you, and your family." (Colorado, USA)

"I am constantly seeking to improve my knowledge of the Bible so that I can continue to teach the Word of God. I believe these studies can help me to become a better teacher and preacher." (Oregon, USA)

"I love this school and what it teaches. It is truly a great work and I look forward to continuing and growing as a Christian. Thank you so much." (Tennessee, USA)

"Thank you again for this program. I am so blessed and grateful to be enrolled in the WVBS Online Bible School. God's word is glorious! To Him be the glory!!" (Texas, USA)

"So much to work through, what an awesome course. I have taken hermeneutics in the past, but it was not nearly as thought provoking as this course. I'm really working hard." (Canada)

"I am very grateful that this is available...and for free! I have very little specific Bible knowledge so this is perfect." (Arkansas, USA)

"Thank you again for your service to the Lord in offering these great courses. They are helping me grow so much, and are a true blessing for me." (Indiana, USA)

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Mr. Haffner! I really appreciate your encouraging words! Also, Charlie DiPalma (Instructor for the Acts Course) is a super teacher! I’m so excited about his subject. Thanks again." (Colorado, USA)

"What a great study (Kings & Chronicles). Re-reading and examining all the incredible history was very enlightening." (Canada)

"Thank you so much for your encouragement. This is a wonderful tool for the church. I'm spreading the word about it where and to whom I can!" (Texas, USA)

"I am looking forward to learning with the WVBS Online Bible School. I am very pleased with the quality and presentation of the classes." (Delaware, USA)

"Amen, God bless you. I am so happy to be a part of this school. Our God is awesome! Jehovah God be praised." (Jamaica)

"I want to say thank you for this incredible opportunity to study in your Bible School. It’s a dream come true." (New Jersey, USA)

"The Christian Evidences Course was a real journey. I read many books and studied information that opened my eyes to amazing truths. To God be the Glory." (Canada)

"What a wonderful study this has been (especially lesson 23). The instructor has certainly opened up a gold mine to me in the Luke Course. Thank you so much for sharing your profound knowledge of the book of Luke." (Georgia, USA)

"I praise God for your ministry which avails myself and many others like me to study God's word from an established institution of higher learning. I pray I am up to the task in developing a deeper knowledge of our great almighty God and Savior through the WVBS Online Bible School, that I might better serve Him in the world around me where so many of my friends and acquaintances are either lost, or backslidden from Him. I also hope to be used to help younger believers grow or be encouraged in their walk with Him. I Pray He continues to bless your ministry and those who serve it. Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me." (California, USA)

"Thank you for the wonderful teaching from the WVBS Online Bible School. I just love the school and the fabulous opportunity you have given to me. I have passed on information to lots of people about the school! I hope they will take advantage of this learning opportunity. I have learned so much in the past year or so that I have been a student--which is a REAL blessing. Thank you, again, for this wonderful learning opportunity!" (Tennessee, USA)

"Love, Love, LOVE it! This is truly a prayer that has been answered for me!" (New York, USA)

"I really enjoy the lessons and the challenge to search the scriptures. It is an honor to take courses from your school. I've learned to study better and look in the word of God seeing my imperfections and seeing Christ who is perfect who knew no sin. That is what I'm striving to be - like Christ." (Ohio, USA)

"I am interested in becoming a formal student so that I can help my congregation with Bible class with the young children. My husband is part of the outreach committee and I want to grow stronger in the word to continue to encourage him as well as the other ladies in the congregation. Thank you for your consideration." (South Carolina, USA)

"Thank you so much for your work with WVBS Online Bible School. I am enjoying the studies so much and am learning so much. The final on Exodus was very difficult for me! I can't believe I did as well as I did." (Missouri, USA)

"I am loving the lessons, learning a lot, and I am finding myself staying up late studying and learning because I don't want to stop learning! Thanks so much for this opportunity to learn more about God's Word." (North Carolina, USA)

"Loving the Course!" - [Genesis] (Tennessee, USA)

"Thank you very much for the quick response. With the Lord by my side, wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God will guide me through my daily walk with Christ. I am so proud and happy that I found this wonderful site. I will treat it as the gift and treasure that it truly is for all that wish to gain knowledge of the God they love." (Pennsylvania, USA)

"Thank you for providing me this opportunity to grow in God’s Word. I am excited to begin my studies. This is a great work that you are doing and I will tell everyone that I know about it." (Texas, USA)

"Thank you for the awesome journey through Joshua." (Alaska, USA)

"I believe your organization is truly a blessing to me in so many ways!!" (Oklahoma, USA)

"I appreciate your working with me in this wonderful study!!!" (North Carolina, USA)

"I am thoroughly enjoying all of the courses at WVBS and spread the word to my friends and family as often as I can. Thank you and God Bless you all at WVBS." (Canada)

"I have just begun my lessons in Genesis and I have learned so much that I never knew, that I want to learn so much more. I pray that GOD blesses you for giving me this opportunity to learn more about Him and to draw closer to Him as I learn. You guys are awesome!" (Ohio, USA)

"Dear Mr. Haffner: Attached is the second Genesis test. I am working on the memory work for the last test (my grandson is quizzing me and taking great pleasure in my missed words). I am finding the mind is not quite as elastic as it used to be. Also working on the written paper." (Georgia, USA)

"I am signing up to increase my Bible knowledge. I'm not exactly sure what I'm getting into, but I will give it my best effort….. I'm 70 years old and a life-long member of the church." (West Virginia, USA)

"Thanks Russell, I completed the first lesson in Genesis last evening, what a great study aid! The instructor is great." (Texas, USA)

"Thank you so much for offering me the privilege to attend WVBS. I desire to study to show myself approved unto God, a Workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Thank you. May God reward you for the obedience to meet the spiritual need of people like us through WVBS." (Texas, USA)

"Hello Russell, I just finished my last video in this class. I will be purchasing the DVDs as soon as I can afford them as I want to bring them to the church for Bible class. This was a hard course for me but very rewarding and I want to share it with our congregation. I am very grateful for all that I am learning and being able to share with others. Again thank you all who are involved in this great work!" (New York, USA)

"I have enjoyed the lessons from WVBS! I thought I had a decent understanding of the book of Acts before this course, but now not only can I understand it but I can teach lessons from it. Also I would like to thank the instructor Charlie DiPalma for the excellent job he did in explaining the material. God bless." (Alabama, USA)

"World Video Bible School, I want to thank you for the classes you permitted me to audit online. I have completed the classes in Genesis and Matthew. The lessons were very helpful to me. I believe they were the best I've ever had the opportunity to hear. I am not able to take the classes as a formal or informal student, but if I could, I would really be happy to. May God bless you for the good work you are doing." (Texas, USA)

"I am enjoying the study very much, just wish I would had known about the school earlier. Thanks for this good work you are doing." (Mississippi, USA)

"I feel very privileged to benefit spiritually from the in-depth study of God's word exposed through the WVBS teachings. May God continue to meet the needs of the school as it meets the needs of those of us who would not have been able to afford fee paying Bible college. You are a blessing. Thank you." (Texas, USA)

"Thank you for your encouragement. I am blessed to have a Free education. Especially the opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge." (North Carolina, USA)

"I have been a member of the church for most of my life and have decided I want to get serious about learning God's word. I stumbled upon this and figured it would be a great place to start. Thank You." (Missouri, USA)

"I am learning so much and thank God for all of you and what you are doing!" (Colorado, USA)

"The teaching of WVBS school is completely accurate, the foundation is rooted in Jesus. I found about this school a couple day ago, as a result I am amazed at the teaching. I love it!!! May God bless all the teachers of this school!!!!" (Maryland, USA)

"Thank you again for the opportunity to study the Bible in your wonderful school. I am enjoying every minute of it. God is blessing me with teaching of sound doctrine that I may teach it in the same way. The glory is for God and I am receiving the joy of serving Him. Thank you again." (Indiana, USA)

"Sir, this was a huge undertaking. I believe I have not written this much on a paper since my graduate study days. It is an outstanding course and I believe I know Luke more than I ever thought I could. Thank you for this opportunity. I am currently working on Acts and hope to have it completed in the next 1-2 months. It appears to be another very long and informative lesson. I hope all is well for you and your family. God Speed." (Alaska, USA)

"Hello, I have read a lot and studied a lot of WVBS videos and I truly desire to become more educated in God's holy word. My desire is to complete the school to help benefit the Lord's church. I hope and pray that I can be part of this wonderful program. Thanks for the opportunity. In Christian love," (Texas, USA)

"I just want to increase my Bible knowledge and study in a formal way as I serve at the local congregation. God bless you." (Florida, USA)

"Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn about the Word of God." (Texas, USA)

"I think this is a great opportunity for person like me which is not wealthy to have the chance to be in such a great school to be taught by the best. Thank you and I know I will enjoy being here." (Jamaica)

"Thank you. I ask GOD to guide me in everything I do. And you help me more than you know. Thank you. I think the WVBS Online Bible School is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind." (Florida, USA)

"I chose to learn from the word of God through the WVBS Online Bible School because of the clarity the Genesis Professor speaks. Thanks to take into consideration people whose first language is not English. My first language is Spanish and I am not fully bilingual but I defend myself really well and with the help of God and the Holy Spirit I think I can do this. God bless!" (Puerto Rico)

"This is the best way I know to continue my study of God's Word." (Texas, USA)

"I have been working on a couple of the courses and have been so impressed with the content that I truly wish to pursue working my way through the entire program. What is being provided is immensely valuable to anyone serious about Bible study." (Canada)

"I am learning so much from your years of hard work in these scriptures and I appreciate it so much. It is amazing how I study the Word continuously year after year and yet receive knowledge of things I have overlooked. Thank you." (Georgia, USA)

"Thank You for this wonderful opportunity to study the Bible and get back into learning something formally. I look forward to using my knowledge and sharing it with others." (Minnesota, USA)

"This school is the best. It helps me with my walk with God." (Missouri, USA)

"Thank you so much sir. I hope to increase in knowledge and understanding and pray to gain wisdom." (West Virginia, USA)

"I would like to learn more about the Bible to be able to answer questions for others and have knowledge to pass on that I can verify with the Bible." (Alabama, USA)

"I'm doing this to get more knowledge of the Bible so I can become a preacher. I've had an interest since I was baptized to Preach God’s word." (West Virginia)

"Thank you Mr. Haffner, these courses are such a blessing!! I am enjoying them all so much and learning so much and thanking God for His provision. Thanks and God Bless you richly." (Canada)

"Great lessons, thank you for the work you all have put in to creating these!" (Texas, USA)

"Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about God's Holy Word." (North Carolina, USA)

South America

"This has been my best course (Matthew) so far and quite transformational. A lot of the stories focused on having faith and it impacted me deeply and helped me to draw even closer to Christ." (Guyana)

"The study of these books (Leviticus-Numbers-Deuteronomy) was edifying and enriching. I feel that my faith is growing every day when I get more knowledge from the Bible. I am so blessed because I found your school. God bless the instructors for their eloquent explanations. Thank you so much." (Columbia)

"It was a pleasure to be a part of the course on Genesis. The content is rich and the presenter engaging and knowledgeable. I am excited about the journey as I complete other courses. The sessions were fruitful and I have learnt a lot." (Guyana)

"Thank you so much for these courses I found this type of videos so helpful for my studies. God bless you in this marvelous way to share the Word of God." (Colombia)

"I am being blessed by the WVBS Online Bible School lessons." (Virgin Islands)

"The WVBS Online Bible School is doing a marvelous job helping members/preachers to increase their knowledge of God's word. Continue this great work." (West Indies)

"I got enrolled to attend the online course Genesis, taught by teacher Chuck Horner, which was a blessing. May God bless him for his clear explanation and clear communication, as I am not an English native speaker." (Brazil)

"As a missionary family on the foreign field, we are always thankful to find solid educational resources online for free. They are a true blessing to us and a huge help in homeschooling our daughters." (Paraguay)

"I would like to express my thanks for the opportunity to study God's word. I am eager to begin my in depth study." (Trinidad and Tobago)