January 2021 Student Newsletter

A New Year for Learning
Russell Haffner

It is an exciting new year as more and more seekers of truth find the school's website. There are currently over 25,000 students enrolled making WVBS one of the largest Bible schools in the world with students from over 180 different countries. Thank you for being a part of the school.

I commend you on your willingness, courage and humility to study the Bible. These characteristics are vital for true success. You must be willing to seek the truth, have the courage to face the implications of the truth, and then have the humility to accept and obey the truth.

Some people never have the courage to learn from the Bible. They lack the necessary humility to face the possibility that they could be wrong in their understanding of the Scriptures. We must be willing to apply the things we learn from God's word to our own lives in order to make the needed corrections.

Someone once said, “Change is the end result of all true learning.” To be true learners we must be willing to change our lives to conform to the Bible. Another warned, "It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning." If we are not careful we will allow our preconceived ideas to prevent us from learning the truth. As one writer said, “The most useful piece of learning is to unlearn what is untrue.” We must be open to what God's word teaches and willing to admit when we are wrong in our current understanding of the Scriptures.

Those who think they know everything, never learn anything. Let us make this new year a year of learning. As we study God's word let us do so with courage, humility and a sincere willingness to learn.

The Course Syllabus

If you have already registered for a course you may have noticed the tab which is labeled "Syllabus." This is where you will find information about the course and the requirements needed to earn a certificate for the course. This is a very helpful reference for the Formal and Informal Students who are taking the courses for credit. However, Auditing Students will also find the Syllabus to be an excellent starting point to understand the purpose of the course and the structure of the lessons. All students should begin each course by consulting the Course Syllabus.