October 2020 Student Newsletter

I Want to Teach the Bible to Others!
Russell Haffner

Many of the students in the school have a desire to learn God's word so they can teach others the beautiful message of the gospel. You may be one of those who enrolled in the school because you realized that teachers have a weighty responsibility concerning what they teach. Those who love the truth understand the importance of learning and teaching what the Scriptures actually teach.

The things you teach will have a formidable impact on the souls and salvation of those who hear you. This is why James warned, "My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment" (James 3:1). There is a danger when those who really don't know the Bible try to teach it to others.

We must be keenly aware of the eternal consequences our teaching will have on others. That is why God's word demands, "If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God" (1 Peter 4:11). This means we must have authority from God's word in everything that we do and teach. The apostle Paul states in Colossians 3:17, "And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Good for you for wanting to teach the Bible to others and good for you for taking the important first step of learning what God's word truly teaches before trying to teach others.

How to Start Your Lessons

Perhaps you have enrolled in the school but have yet to start your first course. Beginning your studies is easy to do. Once you login to your account simply choose the course you would like to study from the "Course Schedule" option located on the blue menu bar of the school website. The "Course Schedule" reflects the designated order that Formal Students must follow. Informal and Auditing Students are recommended, but not required, to follow this schedule.

Once you have selected the course you would like to study you need to register for the course by clicking the "Register" button located on the course page. When this is done, you will have full online access to the course. You can begin watching the videos immediately by clicking the "Lesson 1" link. From each lesson page you will be able to view a 30-40 minute video lesson presentation.

If you are a Formal or Informal Student you will not only see tabs on the course page for Description and Syllabus, but also for Exams, Course Notes (for some courses) and Course Books (for textbooks published by WVBS). Click on the appropriate tab and the document will be displayed. These materials are provided to Formal and Informal Students completely free online. If you desire printed pages, there is a "Print" button located to the upper-right of the displayed document where you can print personal copies.

You may register and begin viewing the courses at any time. There is no official start time for any of the courses. They are always available - 24/7. Why not start your lessons today?