January 2019 Student Newsletter

February Is Resolution Renewal Month
Russell Haffner
Russell Haffner (Director)

A New Year's Resolution is a tradition found in some cultures where people resolve to accomplish personal goals during the new year. Maybe that is why the number of students enrolling in the school always increases in the month of January. Many have a great desire to improve their knowledge of the Bible and it could be they see the new year as a great time to start. However, before January even ends, we find that some give up on their goal. If your resolution this year is to gain a better understanding of the scriptures I encourage you to press on to accomplish your goal. If you are starting to slow down or grow weary in your studies I challenge you to make February a month of resolution renewal.

To encourage you in this effort we have decided to calculate and record the number of courses the students complete in February. The goal is for the students to complete more courses this month than ever before. We will report back to you the final total at the end of the month. In order for a course to be counted as completed you must watch all of the videos for the course and select the "Mark Complete" button for each lesson.

If you have already watched several lessons you may have noticed the “Mark Complete” button located below each video. This feature helps you to track your progress as you view the videos. We encourage you to always click this button when you finish viewing a lesson. The marking of lessons serves as a guide for your own information to mark your place in the study. Even if the lesson is marked complete you can return to watch it again as many times as you want. For additional information please see the Help Center at the school website.

I encourage you to finish at least one course this month. Let's make February a resolution renewal month.

How to Start Your Lessons

Perhaps you have enrolled in the school but have yet to start your first course. Beginning your studies is easy to do. Once you login to your account simply choose the course you would like to study from the "Course Schedule" option located on the blue menu bar of the school website. The "Course Schedule" reflects the designated order that Formal Students must follow. Informal and Auditing Students are recommended, but not required, to follow this schedule.

Once you have selected the course you would like to study you need to register for the course by clicking the "Register" button located on the course page. When this is done, you will have full online access to the course. You can begin watching the videos immediately by clicking the "Lesson 1" link. From each lesson page you will be able to view a 30-40 minute video lesson presentation.

If you are a Formal or Informal Student you will not only see tabs on the course page for Description and Syllabus, but also for Exams, Course Notes (for some courses) and Course Books (for textbooks published by WVBS). Click on the appropriate tab and the document will be displayed. These materials are provided to Formal and Informal Students completely free online. If you desire printed pages, there is a "Print" button located to the upper-right of the displayed document where you can print personal copies.

You may register and begin viewing the courses at any time. There is no official start time for any of the courses. They are always available - 24/7. Why not start your lessons today?