March 2018 Student Newsletter

10 Reasons to Study the Bible
Russell Haffner
Russell Haffner (Director)

As a student of the school you are showing your love for God's word. You realize how important it is to understand the scriptures. Allow me to share with you 10 reasons found in the Bible which teach us the importance of studying the word of God:

Why do we study?

  1. To love God (1 John 2:3-5).
  2. To know God (1 John 2:3).
  3. To receive the word (James 1:21).
  4. To achieve God's approval (2 Timothy 2:15).
  5. To gain wisdom and knowledge (Proverbs 2:6).
  6. To learn what is sinful (Romans 7:7; 1 John 3:4).
  7. To provide us with understanding (Psalms 119:130).
  8. To have the words of Christ dwelling within us (Colossians 3:16).
  9. To have God's words abiding in us so we will know the truth (John 8:31-32).
  10. To make sure we are living by every word that proceeds from God (Matthew 4:4).

It would be impossible to overstate the importance of Bible study. The eternal destiny of our souls will be determined by how well we know and obey God's word (John 12:48). Therefore, we must not be careless or haphazard in our study of the scriptures. We need a focused, comprehensive and organized strategy, which is exactly what the WVBS Online Bible School provides. The school helps students all over the world to understand what they are reading as they search the scriptures daily (Acts 8:31; 17:11). Let us dedicate ourselves to studying the Bible more than ever before and as we do so may we always keep our view toward heaven (Colossians 1:3-5; 1 Peter 1:3-5).

We Want to Hear from You

We hope you are enjoying the free courses provided by the WVBS Online Bible School. The school is designed to give students an online, comprehensive, in-depth study of the Bible. The lessons are pure non-denominational teaching based on an accurate "drawing out" of what the Bible teaches, not reading into the text what someone might think it teaches. The courses cover every book in the Bible, plus four additional subjects which help you in your understanding of the scriptures. The 45 courses are currently available to the students for free online viewing. We would love to hear your opinion of the courses. Your comments, suggestions and even criticisms would be appreciated.