Old Testament History 3 Optional Videos

The following videos provide additional studies specific to the Old Testament History 3.

  1. Passage 3 | Dan: City of Unfaithfulness
  2. Connections: Mt. Carmel | What Can You See from Mount Carmel?

Passage 3 | Dan: City of Unfaithfulness

Synopsis: Dan: City of Unfaithfulness is a documentary showing the significance of Dan as a center of idolatry and unfaithfulness to God. Important aspects of Dan are explored. First, its location in the northern section of Israel helped to define the extent of the land controlled by the Israelites. Second, the modern site of Dan is important because of the archaeological discoveries that have been made. What archaeologists have unearthed really helps us to have a better understanding of both Old Testament life and the full veracity of the Bible. Third, the site of Dan is very important because of the evidence of idolatrous practices confirming the Bible's description of their unfaithfulness and loss of identity as God's people.

Connections: Mt. Carmel | What Can You See from Mount Carmel?

Synopsis: "What Can You See from Mount Carmel?" is a visually powerful and exciting video that examines the geographic setting and historical basis of the famous duel between Elijah and the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18). Witness the beauty of the Jezreel Valley, the grandeur of Mount Carmel, and important archeological discoveries about the religious practices associated with the Canaanite deity called Baal. An examination of this brief video will heighten your understanding of scripture, give you a greater appreciation for the faith of Elijah, and encourage you in your own walk of faith.