March 2024 Student Newsletter

Words From the Director
Russell Haffner

The WVBS Online Bible School is designed as an online only education facility. There are no live classes and no physical campus to visit. However, all across the world in homes, offices, schools or internet cafes people are going online to study God’s word using WVBS material. As an online school our desire has always been to provide an in-depth comprehensive Bible education through the convenience of the internet. The school is designed so that as a student you can do all things required easily online. The school provides a learning opportunity to those who want a focused, organized and intensive study of the Bible.

I am delighted that you have the desire to devote yourself to a deep study of God’s word. Perhaps you are anxious and maybe even a little nervous about the courses, but I hope you are also eager, excited and full of anticipation. You are preparing yourself for the battle against evil in our world. You are training yourself to effectively spread the good news of salvation. I understand and share in your excitement. I expect wonderful things from you both now and in the future. Because of your dedication to grow in your knowledge of the scriptures God is able to use you for great accomplishments for His glory.

How To Start Your Lessons

Perhaps you have enrolled in the school but have not yet started your first course. Beginning your studies is easy to do. Once you have logged-in to your account,
you simply choose the course you would like to study from the "Course Schedule" option located on the blue menu bar of the school website The "Course Schedule" reflects the designated order that Formal Students must follow. Informal and Auditing Students are recommended, but not required, to follow this schedule.

Once you have selected the course you would like to study you will need to register for the course by clicking the "Register" button located on the course page. When this is done, you will have full online access to the course. You can begin watching the videos immediately by clicking the "Lesson 1" link.

You may register and begin viewing the courses at any time. There is no official start time for any of the courses. They are always available - 24/7. Why not start your lessons today?