June 2022 Student Newsletter

Following Your Dream
Russell Haffner

People from all over the world enroll in the school for various reasons. These sincere students have a love for the Scriptures and want to learn all they can about God and His word. In order to do this, some choose to be Auditing Students who simply watch the video Bible lessons to grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures. Others choose to be Informal Students so they can not only watch the video lessons, but also be tested on the things they have learned doing exams and writing term papers. However, a special few choose to be Formal Students wanting to watch all of the videos, read all of the course notes, take exams and do the term paper assignments so they can earn a diploma. Perhaps, this is your dream - to graduate from the school with a diploma. If this is your goal you are in good company. A recent graduate of the school wrote to say -

"Thank you, Mr. Haffner! You and all the staff at the WVBS Online Bible School have been very kind and very helpful. I have enjoyed every single second of my schooling. I honestly believe it's the best Bible school in the world! I have just told a friend about the school and to my knowledge he will be researching it after he gets off work today. I will stay in touch with him and try to encourage him to pursue the classes. I've also shared information about the school with a friend at work. Every single instructor is tops!!! I am so pleased to be able to finish my courses! God has allowed me to stay healthy throughout and to find the time and energy to hang in there (Deuteronomy 8:18). As the videos say, "To God be the Glory!" Thank you so much to all at the WVBS Online Bible School!"

Having a goal to look forward to can serve as a great incentive if you begin to grow tired or discouraged. My dream is for all the students in the school to grow in their knowledge of God's word so that they obey Him and serve Him all the days of their lives.

The "Mark Complete" Button

If you have already watched several lessons you may have noticed the “Mark Complete” button located below each video. This feature helps you to track your progress as you view the videos. We encourage you to always click this button when you finish viewing a lesson. The marking of lessons serves as a guide for your own information to mark your place in the study. Even if the lesson is marked complete you can return to watch it again as many times as you want.

For additional information please see the Help Center (https://school.wvbs.org/about/help/) at the school website. In the Help Center (https://school.wvbs.org/about/help/) you will find an article which will walk you through the necessary steps to track your progress by marking each lesson complete. It is titled: How-to: "Mark Complete" Lessons (https://school.wvbs.org/about/help/mark-complete-lessons/).