March 2020 Student Newsletter

How Can You Use this Transitional Time?
Russell Haffner

Due to the Coronavirus, your daily schedule has probably changed. Your work schedule may now include remote access or telecommuting. Your social activities are probably restricted to encourage safe "social distancing" practices. We hope you are doing well during these difficult times. The question is: How can you use this transitional time to elevate your study of God's word? We hope you will use any extra time you may now have to dig deeper into the study of God's word.

Many schools, colleges and universities are starting to implement programs for online education. Some are just beginning to understand how valuable the internet is as a resource for education. Here at the WVBS Online Bible School we have always valued the benefit of online instruction. You can count on us to continue to do our best serving you and keeping the resources of the school available to you for your study of God's word. We encourage you to continue growing in your knowledge and understanding of God's word.

Right now, we all need to trust in God and lean on His word for support and comfort. Please keep in mind that by relying on God we can overcome anything we face in this life. It is important to remember that in all we do, God needs to be the priority (Matthew 6:33-34). We will get through this. We pray that no one allows these uncertain times to cause a weakening of their faith. Let us all remember to pray for our world, the sick and those working to alleviate this difficult situation.

How to Start Your Lessons

Perhaps you have enrolled in the school but have yet to start your first course. Beginning your studies is easy to do. Once you login to your account simply choose the course you would like to study from the "Course Schedule" option located on the blue menu bar of the school website. The "Course Schedule" reflects the designated order that Formal Students must follow. Informal and Auditing Students are recommended, but not required, to follow this schedule.

Once you have selected the course you would like to study you need to register for the course by clicking the "Register" button located on the course page. When this is done, you will have full online access to the course. You can begin watching the videos immediately by clicking the "Lesson 1" link. From each lesson page you will be able to view a 30-40 minute video lesson presentation.

If you are a Formal or Informal Student you will not only see tabs on the course page for Description and Syllabus, but also for Exams, Course Notes (for some courses) and Course Books (for textbooks published by WVBS). Click on the appropriate tab and the document will be displayed. These materials are provided to Formal and Informal Students completely free online. If you desire printed pages, there is a "Print" button located to the upper-right of the displayed document where you can print personal copies.

You may register and begin viewing the courses at any time. There is no official start time for any of the courses. They are always available - 24/7. Why not start your lessons today?