August 2016 Student Newsletter

Words from the Director

Russell Haffner

School Director: Russell Haffner

Unlike some who only read their Bibles on rare occasions (during personal crises or hardship) you have devoted yourself to an on-going comprehensive study of God’s word. Some may be content to get their understanding of the Bible second-hand but you desire to know for yourself what the Bible truly teaches. You are reaping the many advantages of a regular Bible study in which you glean from the scriptures the harvest of God’s word. You continue to gain understanding because you are involved in a systematic study of the Bible with a purposed goal to comprehend God's truth. You are seeing for yourself the benefits of this approach.

In 2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV) we find, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” The study of God’s word involves deep study. We are called upon to search the scriptures (John 5:39). We realize that often the information we need to gain from the text will not come easily. We must notice the details as we consider every word and phrase of the text. We must be good detectives reading the verses slowly and carefully so we do not miss what is being taught.

Our goal as we study the scriptures is understanding (Matthew 24:15). We seek the true meaning of the passage that the Bible writer intended. Our problem is that we sometimes approach God’s word with our own preconceived ideas about what we think the Bible teaches. When we employ this method we are not using the Bible as it was intended. If we allow our own preconceived ideas to guide us we will twist the meaning of the scriptures to our own destruction (2 Peter 3:16). We need to allow God’s word to say what it says not try to make it say what we think it should say or what we want it to say. The wrong approach to the scriptures will spoil any benefit we might have gained. May we open our eyes of understanding so that we might see God’s truth and walk in His way (3 John 3-4).

"I Lost My Password"

Perhaps you have lost your password and don’t know how to proceed. In our records we do not retain the passwords of the students, but there are steps you can take to reset your password if it has been lost:

  1. From the homepage of the School, select the "LOGIN" button on the blue menu bar at the school website, which will take you to the bottom of the page to the login form. 
  2. Choose the "Lost Password" link below the form. 
  3. A new page asking for your email address will be presented. Simply enter the email address you used when setting up your account, enter the random CAPTCHA code characters and then click the "Get New Password" button. 
  4. At this point an email will be sent to the email address you entered. In the email there will be a reset link to verify that you do indeed own the email address you entered. 
  5. After clicking the reset link in your email, you will be given the opportunity to create a new password. The website will auto-populate the input field with a randomly generated set of characters, but you can type-in whatever you choose. Click the "Reset Password" button, then click on the WVBS Online Bible School logo to go to the main page and login using your new password. If you experience problems in resetting your password please let us know.

Can More Than One Student Use the Same Computer?

There is no problem with two students using the same computer, however before you start your lessons make sure that you are logged-out of the other account and then login to your account. To logout of an account, first go to the Online Bible School website and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you see on the right-hand side a message that says "Welcome" to a specific student username which is not your own click the "Logout" link. You can then login using your account. If there is not a “Welcome” message, but instead a login form, then you can simply login to your account and proceed.