Acts Optional Videos

The following video provides additional studies specific to the Acts course.

  1. The Sinner's Prayer?
  2. Connections: Balustrade Inscription | What Was the Temple’s Wall of Separation?

The Sinner's Prayer?

Synopsis: Have you ever prayed the Sinner's Prayer? The intent of this prayer is to ask Jesus to come into your heart as a means of being saved. Do you know where in the Bible the Sinner's Prayer can be found? As we desire to be saved from our sins by Jesus' sacrifice, can we pray a prayer to become a Christian? Join Don Blackwell as he looks into God's Word to help us understand the Sinner's Prayer.

>Connections: Balustrade Inscription | What Was the Temple’s Wall of Separation?

Synopsis: Dividing walls have existed throughout history, but did a wall of separation exist at the Temple of the Jews? In 1871, and again in 1939, important discoveries were made which confirmed what the Bible describes as a middle wall of hostility. What and where was this wall, and why did it exist? Join with us as we explore the ancient past to learn about the attempted murder of archaeologist John Iliffe, the balustrade inscription, and the connections between faith and fact found within the walls of the ancient city of Jerusalem.